The most fashionable color of nail polish 2015

The most fashionable color of nail polish 2015

Have you ever thought about what color nail polish will be the most relevant in 2015? If not yet, it's time to learn by reading our article today.

1. Lavender

I'm so glad that the color of nail polish is in this list, because lavender is one of my favorite colors! You can also select a foil to the gel casting exactly the same color and make a stunning manicure!

2. Ruby

Bright ruby ​​red can be paired with almost any clothing, especially combined with the beautiful white summer clothes and jeans. Of course, it would be a huge risk for the more conservative women, but it's one of the coolest nail polish!

3. Emerald

Emerald is one of the most elegant and stylish nail polish colors, suitable in particular for formal events and gala dinners. Dark emerald nails will give your outfit some extra sophistication, while some shades of emerald can be interpreted as bright, and the right shades of dark green and gold will produce the most sexy effect.

4. Coral

Coral can certainly be one of the most coveted nail polishes 2015. After all, it is bright and emphasizes the beauty of nails.

5. Purple

Purple is not too bright, but so delicate and feminine! Purple is a timeless color nail polish and wear it, regardless of the season.

6. Pale pink

The man who, as a rule, it is preferred more conservative this beautiful muted pink. It is relevant at any time for a variety of activities.

7. The Crimson

Crimson certainly deserves a place of honor among the most popular colors of nail polish. It can revive nail any woman because of her classic versatility. I like the color of nail polish, as it is very feminine and attractive!

Have you ever worn one of these colors of nail polish?