5 tips for a perfect summer manicure

5 tips for a perfect summer manicure

During the summer, our hands and feet are open for public viewing, so nail care this time of year should be especially careful. This season, in particular, women want to decorate their nails with various unique ways.

Here are a few tips to be a trend:

Tips for a perfect summer manicure

1. Select the shade that complements your

If you are trying to choose paint for the summer season, try bright colors such as orange and pink. Neutral and metallic colors are also safe for use in the hot season. Most importantly, remember that the correct color is one that complements the color of your skin.

2. Consider the day and evening options varnishes

Your glamorous nails can look amazing in the morning, but not so attractive at night. For a bright sunny day, neutral shades can be the best choice. Sparkling colors tend to look better in the evening.

3. Pick a color nail polish coming event

Summer would not be complete without the hot parties and special events. Choose exactly the color that corresponds to the upcoming event.

4. Invest in a good nail polish

Quick drying formula will not last long on your nails, especially in the summer. It is only suitable for women who often change their nail color. Professionally painted acrylic nails hold out much longer. Acrylic nails allow their owners to relax and enjoy summer vacations, as well as using resistant gel lacquer Cody.

5. Have fun with bright nails

Summer color nail polish should be fun. Choose bright and colorful paints, to elevate themselves and others spirits.

Summer - the time to try new things. Enjoy your beach holiday and summer bright nails. The right color or nail design will make you more confident for every day of the year.