What wedding dress in fashion in 2015

What wedding dress in fashion in 2015

After the usual fashion week, where the famous fashion show clothes for everyday life, begins the most beautiful show, which will show the wedding dress, which can not but admire their beauty and incredibly feminine silhouettes.

Of course, each of the collections presented at poduime was delicious and unique, but still common elements that can be traced in all the show is about them today and talk m.

What wedding dress in fashion in 2015? The unequivocal answer to this question can be given, but it is possible to identify some trends in wedding dresses that are sure to be relevant in 2015, it:

  • classic silhouettes that are always popular, regardless of the season and time of
  • pearl luster and rich decor,
  • floral decorations,
  • soft colors, beige, white, milk, cream and pastel,
  • short Wedding Dresses photo where you can see the brand Marchesa.
What wedding dress in fashion in 2015

At this time, designers were not much to experiment with the colors of wedding dresses and make brides Christmas trees, many prefer white and ivory as the main priorities for the fashion weeks.

Which model to choose a wedding dress?

In the spring-summer season 2015, fashion designers recommend to wear a wedding dress without additional, very abundant decoration. Minimalist style and strict neat lace, without any bulky tapes and hyper decorations, serve to focus attention on the real beauty and beautiful smile bride, without being distracted by unnecessary and techniques designers decorations.

What wedding dress in fashion in 2015

Most current models of wedding dresses spring-summer 2015

What wedding dress in fashion in 2015

Now we have to go to the most memorable dresses from the collection, which were presented at the New York Bridal Fashion Week. Here we will mention no specific model and decor of famous designers dresses, but the main features that should create a beautiful image of a bride in 2015.

Oscar de la Renta

What wedding dress in fashion in 2015

A collection of American designer includes a beautiful dress with elegant lace and dresses made of precious materials such as cotton and linen.

Vera Wang

What wedding dress in fashion in 2015 What wedding dress in fashion in 2015 What wedding dress in fashion in 2015

Vera Wang chose this time the same path as the previous designer. Her collection is simple in design patterns, and in a variety of silhouettes, but it is full of tiny details. The main decorations for her dress steel flowers made of organza, which flourished around the neck and shoulders.

Reem Acra

What wedding dress in fashion in 2015

This collection, as he says its creator, a direct reflection of the wishes of all the major customers of the fashion house, as well as the majority of interviewed women from around the world. Fashion systematized collected information about how it should look like a wedding dress, and that's what we see: plenty of chiffon, floral appliqués, crystal jewelry and pearl strands.

Carolina Herrera

The basis of the collection consists of dresses ordinary silhouettes that could sparkle with new bright colors, and all thanks to a stunning and professional author's design.