What age is preferred for pregnancy

What age is preferred for pregnancy

Today we talk about a subject that concerns the majority of girls and women who decide to become mothers, what is the most suitable age for pregnancy and childbirth.

Previously, when a woman engaged in a household, and the family did not care about security or career advancement, this question was not in principle. Now, it often happens that a woman and was glad to make a baby, but it can not do so not because of physical problems, but rather due to financial problems or even fears about the process of childbirth. If you are afraid to give birth to us after stories about hospitals, you should schedule the birth of a child in the United States, where highly skilled specialists will do everything well. Such fears and doubts arise when on fragile female shoulders to shoulder not only the household, which includes washing, cleaning, ironing, cooking and so on. D., And so on. Etc., but also a five-day working week, in order to provide the family with all necessary.

In this situation, the idea of ​​having children is not something that does not climb into his head, but push the decision for an indefinite period, when a husband finds a better paying job when buy an apartment, will be better when the situation in the country and so on. Because of this, and there is an irreparable situation, which we consider favorable to have a baby most likely will never come.

He will always be missed paycheck, always flat, whatever area it may be, will seem too small for even one family member, and many more circumstances that push the idea of ​​indefinitely children. When it comes to cleanliness, age, pregnancy-friendly - it is 20-25 years when a woman's body is fully formed, and the possible diseases and their complications have not yet made themselves felt. But where you saw a girl of 20 years, has already carried out all his plans and to realize their ambitions, having a husband with a paid profession, with its own housing and prospects, as well as wanting in their 20-25 years to become a father? This is something from the category of fiction. Well, maybe there is one such lucky in 1000, but the rest or plow at work, trying to break through and build a career, someone even more sitting on the neck of the parents, and someone is in search of the perfect man, who would be able to carry out all conceived it.

Therefore, if you really want to have a child, remove all doubt, do not think about how you do it will not build in advance of failed plans. After the birth of the baby everything will work out itself. After the baby is born, you will immediately realize that this was the most important decision in your life, and all this pursuit of career and money, for material things - all this is nothing compared with the creation of new life.

Be happy and loved, the most important thing to decide to become a mother.