Beauty treatments at home

Beauty treatments at home

Any girl to strive for beauty and takes her appearance very carefully, trying by all means to achieve good results in the care of the skin and body, figure, and in the care of the hair and nails.

Today we talk about what procedures to maintain the beauty, you can do yourself at home, without having to go to beauty salons.

hair removal

The first procedure, and probably most necessary for each person of the female sex, is hair removal. This procedure is a necessity, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also to the practical. Shaving often causes irritation and redness of the skin, so if you remove the hair in this manner, remember some rules:

  • using foam or gel for shaving, for a better slip
  • Use only new machines that will not pinch the hair
  • after shaving, use a special skin soothing agents

Also, at home well suited for hair removal is the epilator. Large selection of modern models allows you to find for themselves the best option, including pain relief with ice, and hair removal in the water that softens the discomfort. Plus hair removal using the epilator is quite a long effect. Of course the most ideal and long-term results can be achieved in a beauty salon "Valencia" in Kaluga, but today we are talking about home procedures.

Skin Care

For skin care, which must be carried out each girl striving to maintain its beauty, you can include the following procedures:

  • skin cleansing, which may be carried out using scrubs, gels and various washing detergents
  • hydration and nutrition which are ideal for special creams and oils
  • massage the face and body, which is necessary for the skin to remain in good shape and has been tightened

Body Care

Anyone who wants to remain attractive to the opposite sex is important to keep an eye on her figure and at least minimally in sports. To care for the figure can be attributed not only exercise, but also the correct balanced diet. 30 minutes a day is devoted to exercise, try to drink plenty of clean water and eat 5-6 times a day in small portions, eliminate from your diet sweet, flour and fat.

Be the most beautiful and loving yourself) Good luck!