Fashionable knitted tunics: any color in the trend in 2015

Fashionable knitted tunics: any color in the trend in 2015

Each season fashionista replenish your wardrobe with stylish knitted sarafans. The choice of style, as a rule, is carried out quickly. After all, women know what model they are suitable and which are not. But with the choice of color is always a lot of questions. Because you want to not only fit sundress its owner, but also distinguishes it among the majority, that is, was fashionable.

The current monochrome

Trendy monochrome shades of the season designers have recognized 10 colors. Air blue, sea, mint and classic blue palette are relevant in the current season. The first two colors are perfect white-skinned blondes, the second - dark-skinned brunettes. Stylists produce heat din. The color of caramel or roasted almonds and tangerine hue Marsala are perfect for girls with any hair color. Traditional pastel range - light pink, pale yellow, gray and cold in the trend. If you prefer a multi-color solutions, choose sundresses that have one of these basic colors.

The natural theme

Floral, botanical and animalistic prints in the summer is always relevant. Trendy sundresses necessarily have to be in a big red flower. The trend of classic black and white palette and the whole flower meadows. Choose beautiful knitted sundresses trendy colors can be in the company of "Dianida" on page. Animalistic designs in the form of a leopard, snake prints are also reflected in the current collection. Figures are in trend from season to season. They can already be attributed to the classic version. Very unusual looks a combination of several natural prints. For example, the leopard and flowers.

Botanical drawings in a variety of butterflies, birds, fish, too, in a fashion. They are excellent, if you choose a model for the holidays.

Fashion geometry

On the boom in popularity traditional bar. The strips can be broad and narrow, vertical and horizontal, the traditional black-and-white as well as blue, green, red. shades can be any combination. The strip may be used as one of the prints. Geometric print visually change the proportions of the figure. Therefore, his choice should be taken very carefully.

A cell in the form of conventional or complex pattern remains at its peak. Figure must be neat and easy.

Peas - another fashion trend of summer 2015. It can be of various sizes and colors. The same model can be combined peas of different sizes. For example, large - on the hem and bust line, small - on the waist line. So the figure will look more chiseled and seductive.


Designers are experimenting with bold prints, offering the traditional version of the original alternative. Various ethnic motifs, fanciful abstraction, the combination of several classic images - it looks creative, fresh. Choosing abstract patterns, you take the right decision. After abstraction suitable for everybody. If you doubt the figure, then buy sundresses with hydrate perceptible patterns. So you'll look stylish and feel comfortable in any situation.