Kinds of wraps at home

Kinds of wraps at home

In the care of the body, people often use a variety of cosmetics and salon treatments: LPG, pressure therapy and StarVac, as well as household wraps and massages. What unites them maximum efficiency and benefit to the organism, which is achieved by proper conduct of such procedures.

During the wrapping procedure, the film create an occlusion effects that increase the effects of the drugs.

Such procedures are available to the greenhouse effect not only in the conditions of the cabin, but also at home.

Wraps can be divided into hot, which are carried out with hot and cold active component.

Provide first exposure at a temperature not higher than 36-42 degrees Celsius different substances that are better and more effectively penetrate the skin in that form. Such temperature conditions as close as possible to the natural temperature of the body, because of which do not cause any side effects and stresses of our organism.

Thermal effects are achieved, mainly due to the properties of warming masks or some special components for body wraps, warming up the epidermis and increases blood circulation. You can use red and black pepper, mustard powder, ground cinnamon and other natural products. Wraps of this type is most often accompanied by tingling, tingling and slight burning sensation of the skin, which indicates the effectiveness of the ingredients used in them. When cold wraps warming compositions are not used, and do not mask is subjected to thermal effects. Cold wraps procedures do not include dressing warm clothes that can enhance the therapeutic effect. Compositions cold applications home beauticians prefer supplement drops peppermint essential oil, leading to a cooling skin soothing effect. Other tools for beauty can be found on the site

When choosing a method of wrapping guided by their preferences and goals that can be achieved by virtue of their different effects. For example, hot wraps postroynet help eliminate the appearance of cellulite. A cold wraps improve skin tone. In this case, both methods provide a qualitative change in the skin better, saturation of their vitamins and minerals.

The alternation of these wraps will perform both tasks at once.