Interesting facts about kissing

Interesting facts about kissing

The Kiss - is a fun and incredibly useful exercise that will not only enjoy, but also bring a lot of experience, boost mood and ... read on to find out some more interesting and amazing facts about this wonderful effect.

1. A long and passionate kiss is stronger and longer drug

Such an act is in the body a surge of endorphins, which are able to exert a more powerful effect than drugs. It is because of this we experience joy and happiness after a long kiss. When you went down the mood, and kiss with your loved ones and become a little happier. Of course, you do not feel better, kissing the man whom you do not like the real thing. Kisses without love do not have positive results.

2. Kissing incredibly positive impact on our health

Passionate and long kiss perfectly help our blood to circulate, prevent and able to completely remove the headache and other pain that can significantly improve the condition of the skin and tighten it, they even helped us to significantly reduce the risk of the emergence and further development of caries. And that kiss was a memorable one, try to make your smile irresistible using ceramic brackets on Those who prefer to kiss a lot and often have much less of a problem as the health and mental, and, importantly, a lower risk of occurrence and the severe consequences of cardiovascular disease and other unpleasant diseases. Make kisses his new pleasant habit.

3. Lips - one of our sensitive areas

Lips are those due to the large number of receptors located on the surface thereof. Perhaps this is the main reason that we enjoy kissing.

4. Kissing helps you burn calories

Of course, kissing is not the most effective form of physical activity, and it can not help you burn a few extra kg per week, even if you kiss all day long, but they will help maintain the healthy face in great shape. Lingering French kiss uses 34 facial muscles, so when you're kissing, you will burn about 4-6 calories.

5. Kissing can help prevent or defer premature aging of the skin

When you kiss, you use your facial muscles, which helps to further prevent or delay premature aging of the skin.