Park: special features

Park: special features

Fashion, as always dictates its own rules, every season there are more new and, as a rule, well-forgotten old but modernized outerwear. Parkas, anoraks, Alaska, down jackets, parks - the choice is so wide that it is sometimes difficult to figure out what style is better to buy a jacket.

If you follow the advice of famous stylists and designers in coming, however, as in the last season, at the peak of popularity Jacket Park. It is incredibly practical, comfortable and stylish piece of outerwear, which thanks to its versatility holds a leading position in the world of fashion among the rest of the diversity of styles.

Sometimes the park confused with other types of jackets, and this is understandable: the main task of the upper garment of such a plan is to protect from the cold, rain and wind. The main features of the parks that distinguish it from other jackets are:

- length at least to mid-thigh;

- the presence of the hood and high collar;

- strap securely closing the zipper fastened with Velcro, buttons or buttons;

- many pockets both external and internal;

- shoelaces, allowing to adjust the volume of the jacket are located on the belt at the bottom of the jacket and the hood.

Initially the parks were only a winter kind of clothing that allows to maximally protect its wearer from the cold and wind. Well fitting to the cuff body, the ability to delay the bottom of the jacket and hood, products length - all contribute to the conservation of heat and does not give the slightest chance to penetrate the cold under his jacket. But, over time, demi parks, less insulated, but just as comfortable and functional as well as winter. Perhaps this is the general characteristics of the model, and its practicality, quality and the ability to retain heat to a greater extent depend on the manufacturer. So if you want to buy the park better pay attention to brand jackets, not only because of fashion trends, but also the excellent quality of its clothes.

Parks Fred Perry differ is excellent quality combined with an elegant and unique design. Adherents of a strict, but at the same time laid-back style, no doubt, like parks, presented in the brand's collection. Restrained colors - khaki, beige, olive, marsh, deep blue and black universal - the most topical colors, they are used in the models of the winter, spring and autumn jackets.

Parks are made of modern materials, extremely durable, waterproof and at the same time to "breathe". quality of tailoring, accessories and lining fabric, does not raise any problems, everything is done at the highest level. Used heaters are very light and compact, so that the jacket lightweight and comfortable.

Fred Perry Park, even after prolonged wear retains its original form, shape, coloring and does not require special care.