Knitwear for podiums and city streets

Knitwear for podiums and city streets

Knitted sundresses "tear patterns" and loudly declare itself on the fashion Olympus. Leading designer invent model of elastic material. Stars come out on the red carpet in sundresses viscose, kulirki and oil.

A prerequisite for the fashion revolution was the emergence of new technologies. Knitwear was the look that was not ashamed to appear on the podium in it!


Viscose - soft, elastic, pleasant to the body material. Dress in viscose - the perfect choice for a city street, travel, resort. Models have a remarkable ergonomics: they practically do not crumple and not sit. "Breathing", made from plant tissue strands perfectly breathable and ensures maximum comfort. According to its properties resembles cotton viscose.

viscose production technology makes it possible to dye the fabric in different colors and shades. This property offers a great opportunity for designers: viscose can do anything! Sundresses viscose perfect for hot summer days. They look quite presentable, moreover, easy to drape and form a soft, beautiful folds. Kulirka

Gentle kulirka just made for summer vacation. From this material sew clothes for newborns, so the softer kulirki simply nothing can be. Natural cotton is breathable, but does not allow the skin to sunlight. Pleasant, breathable material gently touches the body, removes moisture, does not cause uncomfortable feeling even in the heat.

Traditionally kulirka painted in tranquil pastel colors. But there are exceptions: the youth collection full of bright colors. Designers offer sundresses classic, original, sport style for young girls and adult women. Expired, fashion models help beautiful ladies feel "on high" in any situation: in nature, on the beach in the journey.


The appearance of "oil" jersey was a real discovery for fashionistas. It turned out that the knitwear can be used for evening garments. Collections look excellently: shiny fabric cascading from the soft folds of the female figure, produces unforgettable effect. It is said that the oil came up in the east. Probably the way it is: in the palaces of sheikhs know a lot about the seductive female clothing. Knitwear oil can be different: shiny, matte, Printed. Properly selecting the fabric and cut, you can focus on the merits of the figure. Sundresses of oil appropriate look in any interior: a club, at a party at a restaurant. Practical fabric hardly wrinkled, easy to wash, well-worn.


Knitwear academician - firm, elastic and durable fabric. Sundresses of academician - it's comfortable casual and work clothes. Models are perfectly combined with blouses, shirts and turtleneck. Academician jersey breathable, retains heat well and holds its shape. Dense tissue is not fits and creates a silhouette, so it is suitable for women of different sizes.

Manufacturers of sewing academician office model calm colors. Gray, black, blue knitted tunics fit into the dress code business. Products have all the advantages of knitwear: lightness, ergonomics, durability.