How to choose a sofa?

How to choose a sofa?

The market of upholstered furniture is raging fierce competition. For those who do not want to fall for the bait of dishonest manufacturers, we have brought a number of rules that will help you select a good and high-quality sofa.

The most expensive items of upholstered furniture is considered as a sofa. Often it is acquired for many years to come, so it is important to make the right choices, to couch served on the conscience. Let's look at how to properly carry out the purchase of the sofa.

Selection Criteria

  • sofa frame. There are three main types of sofa frame: metal frame, particle board and plywood. Considered the most reliable model, made of plywood and metal frame, although their value they are somewhat more expensive than their "brothers" out of plywood.
  • The composition of the filler. When you purchase should not give preference to low-quality foam, which prosyadet already a month after purchase. Better to turn your attention to the polyurethane.
  • Fabric. When selecting colors rely on your taste, but pay attention to the thickness of the material. Thin padding quickly be damaged and lose its shape.
  • The mechanism of transformation. Look quality of the metal from which the mechanism. It must be thick enough (at least 3 mm) and high quality painting. Otherwise, a quick breakdown you will be guaranteed.
  • The size of the room. This is probably one of the main selection criteria. If you want to fill an empty corner of a sofa, it is necessary to choose the angular model that will not take up space in the center of the room. For a small space is best to buy a compact sofa that can transform into a double bed.

Price categories

The optimal price range when selecting nekozhanogo corner sofa range is from 22 to 45 thousand rubles. Similarly, it will cost direct transforming a compact sofa.

Most often, the major furniture manufacturers themselves develop new models, investing, and in the case of their popularity small manufacturers are beginning to create a similar sofas, using cheaper materials. So if there is superfluous 5-10 thousand is better to give preference to the more expensive model, which will surely serve you much longer.

The warranty period of

In accordance with the requirements of GOST manufacturer must give a guarantee of at least a half year. When buying a sofa from intermediaries need to make sure that they have their own service department, which ensures fault and damage.

Therefore, you should not buy a sofa that confuses you with its appearance but is attractive for its low price. Most likely you simply will give the money to the wind and become the owner of low-quality product. Also, do not buy a sofa is not unknown sites that you will not be able to guarantee a good service in case of problems.

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