5 best home remedies for hair beauty

5 best home remedies for hair beauty

I present to you, my dear ladies, clever and beautiful, the best mask for your hair, which can easily be prepared from home remedies. They are very simple but effective.

If your hair is suffering from a lack of luster, split ends, dandruff and other problems, do not worry. The path to healthy hair can take as much time as you need to get to your kitchen. Here are some of the best home remedies to help restore the hair and make them beautiful.


Do you want to let your hair become soft and shiny? Traditional mayonnaise - loyal assistant. Put it on your head and a good comb to remedy evenly absorbed. Mask should be left for half an hour, then wash your hair normal shampoo, for example such as https://stylist-profi.ru/brand/schwarzkopf/schwarzkopf-3d-mension/. Want more? Leave the mask on for mayonnaise on your hair a few hours.


Used by women hundreds of centuries as a miracle tonic. In the water you rinse your hair, drip a little vinegar. With intensive itching scalp or dandruff, try to rub into the skin of apple cider vinegar before washing with shampoo. This will not only add luster to your hair - they become healthy and well-groomed.

Avocado No wonder the American beauty called this fruit "green goddess." When you feel your hair on his magical effect, you'll be ready to hit all its beauty acquaintances. If a little is left of the avocado salad, do not rush to throw out. Use it as an ingredient for effective masks. Avocado, egg yolk and a few drops of olive oil to mix and rub into the hair. Half an hour later wash your hair with regular shampoo.


Take advantage of this natural cosmetics! Break 2-3 eggs into a bowl, separating the yolks. Whisk, add a few drops of orange oil and rub into the skin and hair. This treatment should help to restore and enhance the livelihoods of the hair follicles. Regular use of such a mask in combination with massage leads to a strong silky hair shaft. There is an alternative mask: Beat egg yolk with olive oil and a third of a cup of warm water.


Some people use beer as a tonic and styling products, but you can use it as a conditioner. Wash your hair as usual. Then rinse your hair well with warm beer to the tips. Rinse with cold water. Rinse your hair and you do not even feel the smell of hops.