How to properly care for skin in winter

How to properly care for skin in winter

Have you noticed that in cold weather facial skin requires a thorough and careful care than in summer. Today we will talk about why this is happening and how to properly care for skin in winter.

In the cold season, in late autumn and winter, the skin on the face losing precious moisture due to unfavorable conditions, respectively experiencing dehydration, it is subjected to greater exposure to the environment, shelled, can crack and blush to lose elasticity and look tired.

To all this trouble from happening to your skin, I recommend that you read the tips for caring!

Cleansing of the skin in the winter

Cleaning the skin on the face, always, regardless of the season, except that in the winter it should be done carefully and correctly. Be sure to use for cleaning a cotton pad soaked in a special milk or cream that are more gently remove the skin surface residues of cosmetics and traces of external influences. And if you have time to visit beauty salons, here offers the best cosmetic services.

Wash need special or purified boiled water, since it contains less harmful to the skin of impurities and salts.

Do I need to moisturize the skin in winter?

The answer is - yes! Only it should be done properly. Do not apply moisturizer before going out directly, as in the cold, its components will lead to the expansion of your long and unpleasant consequences. It is best to use a cream containing in its composition hyaluronic acid and / or chitosan, to help cope with the weather.

How to properly nourish the skin face in the cold time of the year

Dry skin is perfect for any nourishing cream, as it is applied at night, then there are no problems, but with oily skin, things are different. We must carefully choose the means to care for a skin, only light cream that contain herbal extracts and natural ingredients, does not weigh down the skin.

Do not forget to care for your lips and, as the skin of the lips in the winter is very prone to dryness and cracking, so they constantly put on the special's Skin hygienic lipstick, and lip gloss from better to refuse, if it contains wax in its composition.

Pleasant and beautiful you winter!