What is different from hair removal waxing

What is different from hair removal waxing

It happened in modern society, that the vegetation on the female body has no right to be, but fortunately for us, ladies, ways to remove the vegetation there are so many, it all depends on your desire, patience, pain threshold and size purse.

Today's article is about, what's the difference between hair removal by waxing.


Hair removal - a method for removing the outer visible part of the hair, when the bulb remains intact. Cons of this procedure should be noted short-term effect, the hair will start to grow after a few days, depending on the chosen method of hair removal and characteristics of individual hair growth.

Types depilation

  • Shaving
  • Special cream
  • The epilator MECHANICAL
  • Strips Wax
  • Shugaring

The skin on the body should not only be smooth, without excess vegetation, but also tightened. There are situations when coping with skin problems by yourself just is not possible, then you need to contact the professionals. And what modern cosmetology techniques can help you to make yourself more beautiful, read more.

What is different from hair removal waxing


This type of hair removal involves the destruction not only of the visible part of the hair, but its bulbs, respectively, result from this procedure longer. This type of hair removal is quite expensive, it is mostly carried out in beauty salons specializing in this, but if you save money and take the full course recommended by your beautician after the inspection, you can get rid of unwanted vegetation, if not forever, then for a very long term.

Hair removal is of several types, and often depends on the manner in which the bulb is destroyed. This can be:

  • laser hair removal
  • elekroepilyatsiya
  • Laser hair removal

Each of the methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, contraindications and indications for use, which should be available in each case and individually during the inspection competent beautician. And of course the chosen method will depend on the result.

Remember that you need to strictly comply with all recommendations for the time required for hair removal procedures, not to sunbathe and bathe in the bath, before and after the procedure and follow the recommendations of the cosmetician care areas of the skin exposed to hair removal.

Be beautiful!