What to do to your hair is not electrified winter

What to do to your hair is not electrified winter

Very often women, particularly holders of long hair, faced with electrified hair, naughty and sticking out in all directions, but there are ways to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon. Today we will talk about what to do to the hair is not electrified winter.

The coldest time of year we start to wear hats, hoods and wrap up in scarves, not thinking about the fact that their synthetic fibers can be detrimental to the health of the hair. The resulting friction of the hair and hats, static electricity and makes the hair so naughty and sticking out in all directions.

Also, the reason for which it is in the cold hair behave in this way, is a thinning and lack of moisture, and frequent use of the dryer and constant shampooing only helps to unpleasant consequences. If you also suffer from hair loss and hair loss, I suggest a line of funds from Azelomax.

To reduce naelekrizovannost hair, you should use the guidelines given below:

  • Use the special tool for hair called antistatic. It will help your hair to be more obedient and eliminate protruding hairs at a time.
  • The mineral water, which is necessary to sprinkle the hair with an atomizer, is also able to remove the electric charges from the hair.
  • Special hair styling products such as sprays and foams, containing in its composition means to prevent hair electrification will help you cope with this problem.
  • Use a comb made only from natural materials such as wood or a brush made of natural fibers.
  • Hair Oils - it is a miracle tool that will not only help in the fight against hair electrification, but will make your hair alive and beautiful.
  • Moisturize your hair with special masks and special means, such as serums and conditioners.
  • Try to dry your hair in a natural way only, of course it is clear that the Council does not fit all, because of the frequent lack of time, but the result is stunning, and the hair will become much more vivid, shiny and healthy.
  • Wear a hat, the head must be protected from hypothermia, but is best suited in this case 100% cotton hats or caps with a natural lining, remember - no synthetics!

By following these simple rules, after nedelyu- another you begin to notice how your hair is transformed, becoming more lively and obedient, beautiful and well-maintained, these tips will also fit you if you are suffering from the cross-section of the tips!

Have fun and be the most beautiful!

What to do to your hair is not electrified winter