Fashion trend in manicure - mirror nail polish

Fashion trend in manicure - mirror nail polish

Every minute in the world there is a new fashion trend, it's not only the novelties in clothing, hairstyles, make-up, but also manicure. Today, we just talk about this fashion trend - a mirror nail polish, which is rapidly gaining popularity and is already in great demand.

What did not come up with modern designers, stylists and beauticians, just amazed at how many people have a good imagination as they are able to realize their ideas, and besides, how cool sometimes they do. The most incredible items of clothing decorated with the most inconceivable parts and accessories created from seemingly not applicable in the life of the materials and of course the unusual novelties in the field of beauty, which can not fail to surprise and amaze imagination.

For example, nail polish with a real mirror effect, it's just something magical and incredible, it looks very interesting and beautiful, and the color of the coating can be not only silver but also almost any colors - pink, red, blue, purple, yellow and others. You can buy a mirror nail polish on their own do yourself a luxury manicure at home. The application of this gel polish is not complicated, just to have at least basic skills in this matter. Coating is not only very effective, but also protective. It is able to protect the nail plate from external influences, thicken and make the nail surface of better quality.

Apply a varnish can be not only on the entire surface of the nail, but also to use it successfully in the French manicure and a variety of fancy options. For example cover the surface of the nail matte bright lacquer and mirror gel varnish conduct a strip in the middle of the nail plate, the effect will turn out stunning and you will have the most attractive manicure, to which no doubt all will pay attention. You can apply it only to the tip of the nail, repeating its shape that will give your nails neat and very classy look.

Try and you will not regret!

Fashion trend in manicure - mirror nail polish Fashion trend in manicure - mirror nail polish