Manicure by Feng Shui, the value of each finger

Manicure by Feng Shui, the value of each finger

Taoist philosophy called Feng Shui, implemented in the modern world, not only in the improvement of everyday life at home or apartment, but extends to practically all areas of life, including the nail art, but rather the rules of manicure.

Manicure, created by the rules of Feng Shui is a science that requires the knowledge, skills and enlightenment. Today we will talk about how to apply the principles of this ancient science in the modern manicure, we shall understand its intricacies and get acquainted with some tricks.

Allocate paint color that is different from the others, can be absolutely any nail, but before you do this, you need to know, such as the emphasis will be responsible for your energy flows, so that you on the right.

The right hand is considered the main, to "give" of Feng Shui, so it is better to start with her transformation. Making on the fingers of the right hand is especially beautiful manicure, according to the laws of Taoist philosophy, you will be able to share with the whole world around you and your indefatigable energy spurting key.

So right thumb, decorated with a special color varnish or pattern on it will be responsible for the success of the work. Index finger marked in a special way, let you buy the harmony around your middle finger of his right hand - this is key to a happy love. Allocate nice ring finger is worth it if you are looking for true friendship and dream of this happiness, and a charming little finger decorate those who wants to rest in his home. Buying a ready-made set for the gel nail polish, you can itself create stunning manicure without leaving home and always be irresistible.

Your left stick is able to "take" the energy from the people around you. Decorating a special manicure fingers of the left hand, you need to be as careful. Noting beautiful pattern nail on the big finger of the left hand, you may inadvertently attract the quarrels and troubles, highlighting the index - to earn even injury. But the middle and ring fingers on his left hand, which can be identified the same patterns will help to bring progress in the sphere of intimate life. The smallest finger of his left hand, decorated with a special manicure, different from the others, is able to attract to your address unpleasant gossip.

The length of the nails should also comply with certain rules, it should be as a natural, not too long, and the nail shape is best to choose a slightly rounded or oval, avoid sharp corners and too long.