Matthew Williamson Wedding Collection 2012

Matthew Williamson Wedding Collection 2012

Matthew Williamson - trendy British designer. Its collections are often seen Indian influence, possibly due to the fact that the Williamson worked for some time in India for Monsoon clothes shop.

He said his friends of celebrities such as Björk, Cat Deeley, Will Buckhurst, Sienna Miller, Kelis, Jade Jagger and Plum Sykes.

He was born in England and studied in Manchester until he was 17 years old. He then moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins, graduating in 1994.

Wedding Collection 2012 from Matthew Williamson - a typical feminine, flowing silhouettes, great attention to detail with the help of hand-embroidery with beads and crystals. The atmosphere of beauty and harmony reigns in his works, each of which is unique and exquisite dress with its own character and history, such as the exciting and unique, you can tell us a wedding salons of Moscow. The collection is also supplemented with charming accessories - a small handbag, ringed with flowers, bracelets and brooches. And I liked fur coats, capes, which create a stunning image. Wedding decorations wonderful ideas that complement the harmony of the day.

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