A few simple tips on hair care

A few simple tips on hair care

One of the main fashion trend of recent years are well-groomed hair. Get a healthy glow, smooth skin of the head, lack of dandruff can be in the home. Required to comply with a number of simple rules.

All women are at least two or three times a week wash your hair. For this process, the most commonly used conventional means: shampoos. For right choice of shampoo, you need to start to determine hair type. Usually, the hair divided into three types: oily, dry, normal. Determine the type of hair is very simple.

If the hair looks neat 6-7 days- hair is dry, if spoiled two or three day- hair is normal, if there is a need to refresh your hair daily - fatty. Shampoo should be selected according to the type of hair, the skin will react differently head the opposite way.

In different seasons should wash your hair with different frequency. For example, in the winter the hair becomes greasy strikingly often. All this is the result of wearing hats and scarves. Nevertheless, should wash your hair only when it is really necessary. Otherwise, the risk of run-off will be all the beneficial vitamins and fatty acids from the scalp surface.

A few simple tips on hair care

Do not use very hot water to wash your hair. Better to use the temperature of 36-37 degrees.

Before applying to the hair shampoo, dilute it with water, so it is distributed through the hair at the same time. During shampooing should massage the skin. This will stimulate further growth of hair. After the shampoo should be used all kinds of air conditioners and masks. Such agents nourish the hair, their type and status become more healthy. Some tools require rinsing, some you can just put on damp hair and leave to dry.

Clean and wet hair should be wet with a towel, do not "wrap" your hair and be with a wet towel on your head for a long time. Hair from it can lose its luster.

Dry hair is recommended without the use of a hair dryer. However, it does not have to do in the modern world without this device. Using too hot air may damage the structure of the hair is better to use a cool temperature and small speed.

Do not try to comb wet hair - this fragile hair ends can break, resulting in cross-section. Slightly damp hair you can comb with all sorts of care products. So the hair soaked in vitamins and will look great.

In general, combing his hair over the entire length must be at least two times a day. Thus the fat from the scalp evenly distributed over the entire length of hair.