How to choose a necklace of amber?

How to choose a necklace of amber?

Amber is a very interesting and multi-faceted stone, in addition to the beautiful appearance, he has repeatedly tested and proven medicinal properties. Amber beads can be bought as a wonderful gift to a loved one and for personal use. In this case, you need to know what to look for, acquire it, and how to choose what is right for you.

Choose the beads should be on four main criteria are:

  • size of the beads;
  • weight;
  • appearance;
  • color.


If you want to get the therapeutic effect of amber beads, they must be worn at all times, even during sleep. That is why the size of the beads should be selected so that they do not interfere in daily activities, do not fall down and twist, if you need to show physical activity. There is a simple rule: the beads must be exactly such a length that their middle was at midclavicular depression.


It is obvious that the stone is too small will not give adequate therapeutic effect. The more tired you feel, the more your body needs a "charge" from the outside, the more weight should have beads. The average effect of the product gives a weight of fifteen to twenty grams. The most powerful effect is given beads weighing from forty to sixty grams.


Most minerals and nutrients that can penetrate the skin, it is in the outer layer of amber (similar to candied honey). That is why the beads should be given preference, past minimally processed. The stones in this article should be irregular in shape and covered with many tiny cavities and irregularities.


Darkest amber, brown best help accelerate recovery from diseases and secretion of other glands of the body. Buy Beads of amber light shades can be useful for problems with the reproductive function. they also help in disorders of the urinary system.