Influence of jewels on the destiny of man

Influence of jewels on the destiny of man

Even in ancient centuries, it was noticed that the stones have not only fascinating brilliance, but also have, in a certain way, a magical effect on man. Gems and minerals are used in jewelry. With great respect and fear of the people belonged to the supernatural abilities of precious stones, attributed to them the power of treatment, power tool in everyday affairs.

Stones are sensitive and responsive to human behavior, thus can be offended and change its color on the subject. Therefore, the stone must be loved, to treat him with a murmur, to consider than something special and extraordinary. Good attitude to this miracle of nature, will not make a long wait for reciprocal gifts, and be sure to thank.

Gemstone should profit quality, without cracks, bubbles and other defects, otherwise it will only reinforce their negative qualities. The product is with such quality stones, will offer you a jewelry store online "Proba 999".


Aventurine (quartz) from white to burgundy, olive color with flashes of mica, still considered among the people stone of love. Its name acquired from the Italian word "aventura", which translated means "happiness". It is believed that a person brings feelings of happiness, joy, gives energy and grace of mind.

Influence of jewels on the destiny of man

The ancestors believed that Aventurine has a magical connection with the lunar forces. It also helps in pure love, gives the sincere feelings of the pair strengthens affection. Stone fills his master positive life attitude, elevates mood, gives a sense of confidence. Stone does not suit all members of the water and earth signs. Cancers, Scorpio and Pisces stone does not do much good. Taurus stone builds privacy. Virgos softens the character, gives sensitivity. There is for these characters one feature, wear it no more than one lunar phase. Born under the sign of Air, such as Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, cost worn only on special occasions as a mascot. Otherwise, it makes a person hysterical, windy. To sign Fire is absolutely contraindicated stone (Aries, Leos, Sagittarius), to the extent that the product to try this gem can bring trouble.


Stone of happiness, that is the name of the Persian "Firuza" (Firuza - "victorious"). Turquoise has a soft blue and dark green, it is a symbol of the spirit and resisting evil. Encourages strengthening intuition, it gives courage and confidence, strengthens the family hearth. Over the years, turquoise changes color and shade. Green is considered "dead" for a stone, exhausted all his magical powers. In the Persian legend says that the turquoise stone is created from human bone tissue, which ruined unrequited love.

Influence of jewels on the destiny of man

Presented stone can change the color, begin to fade, which means the loss of susceptibility to the owner. Turquoise trying on each other enemies, extinguished the wrath of the owner and opponent reunites family comfort, humble bosses. Designed for people with a strong character, strong and independent.

Helps to get rid of distractions, find the meaning of life, the motives of their achievements. The strength of the stone gives the wearer to seize power and gain credibility, but do not abuse the bounties of turquoise or you can get penalized. Turquoise helps in love affairs. People born under the sign of fire should wear this stone, he is the patron. Other signs may also wear this stone, except Leo.


"The leader of gems", is dedicated to the sun. The origin of its name is derived from the Latin word "rubella", which means "red." Has unique magical properties, it transforms the dark forces win the fears and worries. As in ancient times, and now is the stone of love, ardent passion.

Since the stone pulls the human energy is not recommended often have it to yourself. Stone protects ladies born under the sign of Leo. It makes the possessor of an attractive and accompanied by love. Considered a talisman of people have a leadership position, help the stone to give only people with pure soul and intentions. Ring with red gem gives its owner courage, power, longevity, gives strength, such a product you can buy at site. Promotes a passionate love between the pair and stores the spark. In the hands of a good increases the kindness, bad things even worse, because of the property to enhance the feelings and emotions.

Influence of jewels on the destiny of man