Fashion trends - Spring-Summer 2016

Fashion trends - Spring-Summer 2016

Fashion - a language understood without translation

Miuccia Prada

Coming spring-summer season. Many are already thinking about what will be fashionable to wear this season, may need something to buy, considering the fashion trends of today. Therefore, ladies have long been studying fashion magazines, watch online, watch on TV, what I am now in vogue?

Fashion Week 2016 have been completed and you can now see the novelties of this season. What will be the trend this season? Fashion designers surprise this year, matter, form, and color.

Free tailoring, fur and skin - here the most important emphasis of this year, which are present in the clothes. They can be incorporated into any style, choose a custom image. The richness of colors can be seen in this season is not one color or even a few, they are a huge variety:

- white;

- red (red);

- the black;

- coral;

- sky blue;

- mint.

Such a variety of rich colors that you can easily select your favorite color and apply it in the clothes that will make any image of the most fashionable.

It is possible to identify the main fashion trends spring-summer season 2016:

1. Flared, straight leg and banjo are especially popular in today's season. For a figure this year, you can not worry, because in fashion free style, which will decorate any woman. Layering, asymmetry and lightweight fabrics will decorate a beautiful half. 2. Print and fashionable in 2016, as in other matters, and in other seasons. For example, camouflage or animalistic pattern present in the clothes wins this year. And often can be seen in fashion bows.

3. Feminine - is the main trend of the season, not only in clothing, but also footwear. If you want the most beautiful and quality shoes for yourself, I advise you to pay attention to producer. Brand range offers a variety of quality shoes, which perfectly meets all the fashion trends of 2016.

This season, it is necessary to wear skirts, dresses, blouses, all that emphasizes femininity. The fabric has a very major role. It must be natural fabrics (satin, chiffon, silk or lace). Luxury fabrics will give an unforgettable image in any fashion season. In the words of Yves Saint Laurent: "The most important detail in the dress - it's a woman."

4. Brightness in vogue. Rich colors in vogue today. Such paints are always advantageous to look in clothing. They had a woman will not be like a gray mouse.

5. Pearls and Lace can be seen in the classic style of clothing. Classic is always in fashion, this season, it is decorated with pearls and lace inserts or accessories.

What styles prevail in 2016?

Today in vogue in the seventies fashion and minimalism. Somehow, all the designers have decided this is the style of clothing to use in this fashion season. The Seventies are famous for such types of areas as military, electrical, glam-rock, disco, safari unisex and many others. Strict cut, stand-up collar, veobrazny neckline, scarves, bows and much more - all this underlines this season. In a fashion tops, made of light fabrics and also of soft leather. The dresses can be seen - conservatism, transparency, cut (sexy and feminine). Cape, and trench coat in the lead among the top clothes in this fashion season. You can wear them with great pleasure. Especially the summer is not always hot, which allows you to wear outer clothing not only in the spring.

The summer season features a juicy, colorful and snow-white dress. It uses the contrary complex cut and draping in contrast to the spring season, which use light simple cut. Also in vogue ruffle. Markedly different this season models that emphasize the shape. They again profitable stand out among other options. Therefore there is a need to emphasize the waist. Peas - are back in trend. You can use it in any convenient for each variant.

Conciseness and monotony dominate this year. "The concept is simple," - you can add here. Also remain fashionable suits and summer dresses of all shapes and sizes. It is fashionable to be worn in the summer season slacks. That is to stay on one thing today is difficult. There are so many options in the models. And you can calmly and with great pleasure to choose what is best suited to each individual.

It is necessary to use what you like, and then just will be possible to look at a hundred percent. Fashion - this is what we dress ourselves. It never gets old, how many have heard. What comes back from the past of fashion, something remains. For example, the classic - always in fashion. People choose things that they are most suitable, taking into account their interests and tastes will always look beautiful and fashionable. After all, it emphasizes the individuality of the style of any person. As Gianni Versace says, "You do not need to pay attention to trends. It is not necessary to allow fashion to own a: each person decides who he is and what he wants to express the way he dressed and how he lives. "

Fashion trends - Spring-Summer 2016