How to give your skin beauty and youthful appearance before an important event

How to give your skin beauty and youthful appearance before an important event

Every girl before an important meeting or a dinner party, worried about the impression it would make on those around her appearance. All the ladies do not stop to ask questions on the topic.

And a half weeks to the event take a maximum time for cleaning and improving the skin and its color. Optionally, you must apply to specialized salons, everything you need can be done independently.

First, clean your face with lukewarm water and to steam, you can use a compress for these purposes not less than one-fourth hour. After a cotton swab to clean the skin of the nose and chin of blackheads. At the end of the procedure cover the skin with lotion, and apply a cream suitable for your skin.

How to give your skin beauty and youthful appearance before an important event

You can use the bath for rejuvenation. To do this, you need only lie in the warm water, the skin will get the nutrients and soften. For such baths must pour fat milk, taking a bath for a third hour.

At night should apply moisturizer to the face and neck, gently rubbing it with your fingers until you feel a pleasant warmth. Wrinkle or who is not insured, they appear absolutely at all, but it is possible to reduce their appearance or hide. For starters, you can try to smooth them with his hand, so it is worth remembering about the neck. In the evening every day to massage swab dipped in salt water.

Also, it is recommended the day before the event to make a mask suitable for your skin type. For example, for normal skin is well suited herbs. Dry skin needs softening mask for oily and masks from marigold. At the end of the procedure is necessary to remove the mask with a cotton swab, if the skin was irritated, it is necessary to wash with warm water.

On the day of the event before applying makeup, it is advisable to stay in a dark room for 20 minutes, after the applied layer of powder small. Adjust penciled eyebrows, eyelashes, paint brush, darken the eyelids under your outfit. Lips powder the same and adjust loop, and then apply lipstick.

Lipstick to choose correctly. For example, blondes best suited pink, brown hair and girls with red hair will suit a bright pink. But girls with ashen hair color fits the color of coral, and brown-haired brunettes suitable red and purple lipstick.