Skin care tips face and hair in the winter

Skin care tips face and hair in the winter

With the onset of cold weather, many women are faced with problems related to appearance. This is especially true of the face and hair. Even owners of oily skin sometimes has to feel a sense of peeling and tightening.

To avoid such problems, it is necessary to pay more attention to their appearance in the winter. The main objective in this case is to prevent skin dehydration. The reason this condition are temperature changes and cool air. Such variations destroy fat layer of the skin, thereby reducing its protection.

Skin Care

Clean the skin from dirt and sweat should be kept regardless of the weather. But care in winter is different. At such a time, the whole skin, but the face is protected from frost and cold, warm clothing. Consequently, the vessels on the face are influenced by a strong load. In order not to cause the skin surface even more damage, it is not recommended to wash too hot or cold water.

To prevent dryness can use lotion, foam or gel. After that, you must use the tonic, which not only removes the remnants of cosmetic products, but also will lead to normal acid-alkaline balance of the skin. It is also recommended to use the products of Skinny Body Care, as an excellent means to maintain the beauty and youthful skin.

Skin care tips face and hair in the winter

It is also possible to use the active face masks that contain in their composition different oils. They will help to strengthen the skin fat. Do not forget that, going into the street, you should apply the cream on your face for half an hour before leaving.

Now for the hair

The cold also has a negative effect on the hair. Under the influence of the cold wind the hair follicles are not able to get the necessary nutrients due to vasoconstriction. Thus, they begin to weaken, there is a breakage and loss. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to use the funds to strengthen and restore hair.

should not be to give hair health and beauty to wash them in warm water and often use hair dryers, curling irons and ironing. Comb is recommended to choose only made of natural materials, because they have a massage effect and provide improved blood circulation, strengthen hair and food.

With proper care of skin and hair with the use of suitable means any woman resists cold weather and frost and will always look irresistible.