Women's tattoo - not an easy decoration

Women's tattoo - not an easy decoration

The people have long been applied to your skin symbolic signs and drawings, thus wanting to decorate your body, stand out from the rest, to show their special position among others. today, the tattoo has become less fashionable trend, as present in contemporary art, fascinated by both men and women.

The role of tattoos in society

Earlier, tattoos significance was directly related to the status of their wearer, later became the share of tattooed people for different segments of society, the professions, the prison "merit".

To date, modern tattoos, especially women almost completely lost its once top destination. Today tattoo - rather a kind of decoration that can emphasize your individuality and do not like it. Yet, some tattoo patterns still make sense and do they need a full understanding of their significance. Modern tattoo as piercing - more opportunity to assert himself as a personality and stand out from the crowd! You can pierce the belly button and make a neat tattoo that will allow you to highlight your vision of beauty and become more noticeable.

Women's tattoo - not an easy decoration

Popular places for women tattoos

The most popular places on the body for women's tattoos are:

- ankle and calf

- loin and shoulder blades

- shoulders, arms and neck

- wrist

- the outer part of the thigh

- private parts, in particular pubis

It is necessary or not?

If you really decide on what to get a tattoo, you should seriously prepare for certain aspects of such an important step. Once you chose a picture that you want to see on your body, as well as fully aware of the fact that he will stay with you forever, you should thoroughly and carefully start to choose a good tattoo parlor and master. Notice how the equipment he uses on the quality of materials. In the salon, workplace piercer must be observed in the highest possible purity and sterility. Make a tattoo salon on Leninsky is to do right! Tattoo parlor Tattoo House Elite is one of the best and biggest tattoo salons in Moscow.

Once your drawing is applied to the skin, you should follow all the rules of care for the tattoo. Well, if you are very afraid of needles, but also do not want a tattoo forever, or want to see how it will look on your body and if you do need it, try to make a temporary henna. He will wash off after a couple of weeks.

The values ​​of some female tattoos

angel image always symbolize the delicate nature of its owner, and indicate its gentle character. angel image can also act as a talisman. Tattoo so popular figure placed on the chest or shoulder blades.

Feline tattoos are very popular among women. They often make the fair sex, having a playful, passionate character. With such images in intimate areas, many girls emphasize their sexuality.

If you are romantic nature, you definitely will be to the image of fairytale characters soul, elves, fairies and other.

Very nice on a woman's body or air butterfly delicate flowers. This tattoo tells of your femininity and lightness on the rise.