Fashion Trends for 2016

Fashion Trends for 2016

If you look at all the fashion shows that took place recently and are even now, we can see that of shoes and svitshotov, the world goes to the dress and shoes, making the girls again in gentle and feminine creations. And all the jeans and jackets with shoulder male fade into the background, and heels and skirts come.

This article is not only about the most interesting images, but also about where it is profitable to buy cheap and chic things. This is the magic word - SALE.

Fashionable styles of skirts and dresses for 2016

If we talk about trends in skirts in the world, there will be appropriate length to mid-calf and styles that emphasize the waist. Materials can be mild, gentle and flying. You can use a heavy fabric, but it should not spoil the tenderness of the image, for example, in the photo below shows a great option from a brand Asos. The site has a new collection and is full seasonal sale, so you can find the perfect skirt for a good price.

Fashion Trends for 2016

A large range of trendy dresses can be found in the bonprix online store, in addition, currently there are excellent discounts. The link in addition to dresses, you will also find a wide range of trousers, blouses and coats, excellent quality at the most reasonable, if not reasonable prices! A large range of sizes allow to find the right outfit for petite girls, and for women with a curvy shape, because the size of the brand bonprix reach 64th.

Fashion Trends for 2016

From the World of dresses hand waving little black dress with a large cut in the upper chest and back, or with lace inserts, such as in dress brand Zara (now also catch them at a discount). Such an image can emphasize the shape and seduce anyone.

Fashion Trends for 2016

Of course, in these dresses on the job do not resemble, but it is very sexy and suitable option for an evening out. In fashion again came the mini skirt with leather boots.

Of course, not every girl can afford to wear it, but if you dare, it will be something unforgettable. But when choosing a skirt and jackboot need to be careful. Firstly, you need to find the right combination. For example, the boots should not be at the hairpin, and the brutal heel and accessories should complement the image, so that it looked very modern and appropriate. And, secondly, the important thing is not to overdo it, because the line between fashion and bad taste is very thin.

What pants should be worn in 2016

Also in fashion batters pants. Batters - a shortened trousers, slightly flared and male subjects. It is very fashionable to exit this summer. Such kits are best suited tall girl and a thin pin. Wear such things need to be careful, because a small mistake can turn into a chic bow absurdity.

Also this spring will be fashionable cropped tops, jeans and delicate sandals heels. This image is very gentle, but very seductive.

Fashion Trends for 2016

After the top and pants will be able to perfectly emphasize the shape and add a pin sexuality. Pants can search Mango website, with 70% discount.

Fashion Accessories for 2016

If we talk about accessories, the fashion will be huge earrings: gypsy jewelry, huge chandeliers and hipperskie accessories. In general, all that will ring and strike the eye when the mod will pass. As for hours, are in vogue small watch with leather clock.

Also in fashion includes the different mix of stones. Especially popular will stones "Swarovski", which presented a huge collection of jewelry. Another would be all the rage pearls. This material is never out of fashion, and this year designers from around the world have decided to use it even in shoes and clothing.

Another surprise will be that this year it will be possible to carry millions of rings on the one hand, as long as they were of the same style, and no one will say that it is too.

Now in vogue it is small handbag. And global brands to adapt their most famous big bags under the clutches and handbags in small sizes. Of course, this may not be very convenient, because in a small handbag does not add up all the right things, but beauty is required.

Rocker style

Of course, without a biker style can not do - it goes from season to season. And this year will be fashionable rocker mini-shorts, cropped leather black leather jackets and everything that represents hooligan style.

90th returned to

Who will be fashionable bows, flared jeans and huge boots with lots of straps. All this is not easy. After coming back into fashion again far 90 as were fashionable gins flared and high shoes. So it is safe to get the old stuff, because now they are super trendy.

These clothes are specific and not everyone will be able to keep such a thing in my wardrobe, but to stand out - this is the fact. These boots are best worn with leather leggings, and complement all this light and delicate blouses. This combination was present at many fashion shows, and became known as the new romanticism.

Fashion Trends for 2016

On sale, the site can be found lamoda appropriate to your boots.

A bit of a trendy make-up in 2016

If we talk about the make-up in 2016, then in vogue are gold shades, silver and bronze. Now it will all be in fashion and at the peak of popularity. If it's seen the girl with the golden ages - it is super trendy and modern.