How to choose the right perfume

How to choose the right perfume

Every girl knows that a properly fitted perfume make it individual and help to feel more confident. Some people prefer the immutability of taste - they have only one flavor for every occasion, and someone who likes to change the flavor, relying on their mood, the occasion or time of year.

In any case, perfume should emphasize your personal image and style. Do open bearer or vice versa mysterious, young or more mature. The main thing that reflected the mood and flavor in harmony with the exterior.

It should be remembered a few simple rules and the choice of perfume will be for you a real pleasure.

It is not necessary to use the advice of friends or acquaintances: perfume choice is an intimate process. After all, they, like the clothes, "wear" over his naked body. To the spirits of choice does not become torture for you, you should be in a good mood and not in a hurry.

For starters, you can use the Internet and special literature to find out what smells suit your tsvetotipu. After, consider for what purpose you are buying perfume. For day cases or for evening time.

Remember that during the day people perceive smells sharper, and hence the flavor should be light. In the evening, the scent is dulled and you need a more stable and sophisticated fragrance.

Consider whether you choose the flavor of winter or summer. Here, as in time, resistance flavor difference plays a huge role. Light aromas (fresh, maybe even toilet water) - suitable for daytime, summer and gentle girls. Very suitable are aromas of blondes and redheads. Complex and persistent flavors (such as perfume oriental shades) - ideal for night time or winter, here you can safely include women's perfume Givenchy. They also perfectly in tune with the babe and brunette. It is important to choose the type of product, if you are working in a confined space, because it can interfere with others. In this case, choose the less concentrated flavors.

How to choose the right perfume

Do not sniff at once all the spirits in the store. After the tenth smell you lose the ability to objectively evaluate them, so limit to 6-7 flavors. Coffee beans are well interrupt odors, so ask whether to store a jar of coffee.

Be sure before you buy "try on" flavor. Do not rush, walk around with it for a while. After all, on paper, the smell is different from what is "sound" on your skin. If you can not choose a perfume on the first try, do not worry. In the end, cutting inappropriate flavors, you make a good choice.

Be compelling and always beautiful!