Romantic cruises and gambling

Romantic cruises and gambling

It would seem that the two types of leisure activities have nothing in common. But in fact, millions of people have successfully unite them, going on a romantic cruise on the ship, in which to arrange a casino. Couples enjoy socializing with each other, not forgetting to visit the floating gambling club and bet there.

Cruise ships Casino

In the world there are many famous ships, carrying the casino, not conceding any ground than institutions. We want to introduce you to five of the best such vehicles.

1. Crystal Serenity

This French ship was launched 12 years ago. In length it reaches 250 meters. On board the Crystal Serenity can comfortably get 1080 passengers. For them, the ship rehabilitated more than 500 cabins, 8 of which are designed for people with disabilities.

French ship tourists are waiting for dozens of entertainment. In particular, it is possible to play on the tennis courts, improve health in the fitness room and walking into a luxurious casino with a large number of slots and gaming tables. Crystal Serenity passengers can also enjoy delicious Asian and Italian cuisine.

2. Ruby Princess

Ruby Princess - the best ship in Alaska, whose age is only 6 years old. On this ship, many go to a romantic journey, combined with the game in the casino. Ruby Princess is able to accommodate about 32 000 passengers. On the ship, they are waiting for the numerous spas, bars, gyms and world-famous casinos Gatsby's.

Romantic cruises and gambling

3. Silver Spirit

Italian ship with "residence permit", descended from the factory stocks in 2009. This ship can not be called the greatest, but it offers people an impeccable level of service, estimated by experts in the 6 stars. Becoming a passenger Silver Spirit, you can enjoy different cuisines, a café and bar, relax in the sauna. Of course, on board there is a casino, where you plunge headlong into the sea of ​​passion.

4. Queen Mary 2

The world's largest ocean liner "premium" class. On board are 1310 cabins, thirteen decks. Set sail on the ship, you will not get bored. Among the entertainment available there about 20 restaurants, 5 swimming pools, library, shopping mall, many cinemas, a planetarium. Fans of active recreation can play on the Queen Mary 2 in the mini-golf and tennis. There's also a clock works with numerous casino video slots, roulette.

5. Celebrity Equinox

German ship Celebrity Equinox first sail 7 years ago. This ship won fame for its occupants an incredible number of restaurants. Celebrity Equinox can hold 2850 people. There you can sunbathe on the deck, swim in the pool, sit with friends in a jacuzzi. For athletes, the ship is open room with gym equipment and fitness center, and for fans of gambling - a large casino.

Celebrity Equinox creators did not forget about the children. For younger campers, they have arranged a large playroom. There, kids can frolic and communicate with each other all day long, without disturbing other passengers.

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