How to choose a hair dye

To freshen the hairstyle, not necessarily to go to an expensive salon. You will be able to dye my hair. In this matter, only need to know some reliable professional advice, and excellent result, you are guaranteed.

So, you ready for the change and go to the store for a bottle of miracle that will help you transform. Before proceeding with the coveted packaging for hair dye on the cash register, please read the basic rules and make the right choice.

The most useful tips

First of all, decide on what color suits you. Here, the main criterion - a skin tone:

* For cold colors (pink, with blue, green or gray skin tint) suitable color, "Ash blonde" or dark tones with burgundy glints;

How to choose a hair dye

* owners of the skin in warm colors - golden hues.

Do not expect that you'll get the same color that the model on the package with hair dye. Each result is individual, so the most competent strategy - see examples on the reverse of the packaging.

Also worth considering hair type: tight curls stain much longer than thin and soft. Do not forget to take into account the amount of gray hair: more than them, the lighter the shade will turn out. If you doubt what shade to give preference, the best option - a lighter. Firstly, it is easy to adjust, and secondly, the color is darker is always expected, so do not hurt to be safe.

What else is important to know the lover changes

In case you want a radical change, but you are not sure of their choice, just start with tonics or coloring shampoo. They gently and naturally change the color of hair and washed off after a few applications (detailed information can always be found on the packaging), and during this time you will be able to understand how comfortable feel with color.

Regardless of the price and quality of the acquired product, always perform an allergy test. This will help you avoid unwanted staining results and adverse effects on the hair and scalp. The testing procedure is described in detail in each instruction.

And, of course, do not forget about leaving after coloring. At the same time, no matter how expensive or colors you use, after changing hair color need support and extra food.

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