The funds will help maintain the tone and beauty

The funds will help maintain the tone and beauty

Today, in every store you can buy any means to maintain the beauty. But often their value is not allows you to purchase what you want. And how to stay beautiful and healthy without spending a lot of money?

The answer is simple - it's the people's money, which at one time used by our mothers and grandmothers.

Cellulite - One of the main problems for most women.

Effectively solve this problem at home allows a tool such as honey. Every day, a small amount of honey is rubbed on the problem areas, massaging movements. After 20 minutes, remove the remnants of honey with a damp cloth and after a while you'll find that your skin becomes smoother and softer.

Perfect body

- every woman's dream, so many seek to get rid of unwanted hair on it.

The funds will help maintain the tone and beauty

One simple means for hair removal at home is - lidocaine for bikini zone or the underarms. If you are allergic to this drug, you can safely forget about this method.

Hair Beauty

Every woman wants to be the owner of a shiny, silky, and most importantly healthy hair. To achieve this, there are a few simple recommendations. Firstly, the need to wash hair in soft water or boiled, with the addition of a pair teaspoons baking soda. Secondly, if the rinsing water is added to the bit vinegar, they acquire a healthy shine.

The funds will help maintain the tone and beauty

Facial Treatments

As well, women do not forget about facial skin care. This will help a variety of masks, which are very easy to make at home.

The funds will help maintain the tone and beauty

When choosing any means to face, consider the features and characteristics of the skin. Remember, if you have oily skin, you should avoid these recipes, which contain oily components, and for dry skin - do not use strong astringents and components that can aggravate the problem.

A common component of masks for the skin on the face is the cucumber, which whitens the skin and refreshes it. Regularly enough to impose cups sliced ​​fresh cucumber on the eyes and skin. If the daily care given to a at least a few minutes a day, then every woman will always remain beautiful and healthy.

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