How to deal with wrinkles at home

How to deal with wrinkles at home

I do not think that the issue concerns only wrinkle is very mature women. After all, prevention of wrinkles it is recommended to start with the already 25-30 years, but an active struggle should begin for women over forty.

Be careful mimicry

Before you begin the procedure, you should pay attention to the facial expressions of your face, because the problem is easier to prevent than to fight. The first thing you need to do is to learn to control his facial expressions. With the right, and most importantly, a systematic relaxation of your facial muscles, you will see the results within a month.

Very detrimental effect on the quality of the skin and direct sunlight. This can help you mirror that initially can be kept in a purse or pocket. It also helps you test yourself and in the workplace. To obtain a good result during the working day should be controlled facial expressions with the help of his reflections 3-5.

The procedures of wrinkles at home

Help get rid of wrinkles and procedures. Thus for dry aging, skin wrinkles mesh covers extremely procedure shown with salt.

The recipe brine wrinkle

How to deal with wrinkles at home

Take 1 teaspoon salt, then dissolve it in a glass or purified boiled pure water. This solution soak a small cotton swab, apply to face and neck with light, but heavy traffic. Duration of procedure - 3-5 minutes.

The nutritional packs wrinkle

Fight with wrinkles on the forehead can be a variety of ways. For example, using nutrient compress. For this purpose, a woven cloth moistened with a nutrient or moisturizer, and then apply it on the forehead. Top fixed in any manner. The first time a compress hold about 15-20 minutes, then, after the sixth time it is possible to leave and for a longer time.

How to deal with wrinkles at home

This procedure is recommended to carry out on a daily basis, and can be 2 times a day to achieve the desired result. Usually for 4 weeks is not deep folds in the form of wrinkles on the forehead become less noticeable.