Proper care for neck massage, mask, gymnastics

Proper care for neck massage, mask, gymnastics

Want to have your neck was beautiful, and the skin on her look young and beautiful, then perform exercises to keep it in good shape, do special massage for this pretty area of ​​concern, do not forget the special masks and special exercises for your neck.

Unfortunately, the neck - just the place which is primarily treacherously can show your age, even if all the other parts of the body have a full order!

If you want to fight for your perfect appearance, as well as a little cheat and deceive our mother nature, then you will not make a little effort. But believe me, the result is worth it, because fulfilling our current recommendations, you enable your neck to stay young and beautiful for much longer.

neck massage should be done on a daily basis, at least 10-15 minutes.

The complex your actions

1. Stroking his neck lightly your hands is strictly bottom-up direction. Massage the right side of Sheth left hand and left-hand side - right.

2. Tilt the head back slightly, and then, in the area of ​​your chin gently and gently paint with your fingers line. Careful and accurate movements of iron the painted portions of palms.

3. Make a circular motion on the side of your neck with your fingertips.

4. Rub the skin on the neck, pass through it, from the tips of the ears, and finishing his shoulders. 5. Apply the cream to the neck and drive in pat it into the skin. After soaking cream, take the terry cotton towel, soak it in salted water, squeeze. Grasp the ends of the pressed towels and a little jerk, slightly start to pat the skin on the chin.

Proper care for neck massage, mask, gymnastics

Home Recipes masks for a beautiful neck

1. Take a handful of parsley, a little sorrel, a pinch of rosemary and tarragon leaves as much, it all pour milk, boil for 15-20 minutes. Let it brew. After that, the mass is spread out on a cloth. Make a compress and apply it to the neck. Keep at least 20-25 minutes. How to take off compress the skin must be allowed to dry.

2. The pre-heated to 40 degrees grapeseed oil soak cheesecloth and wrap her neck, put on top of the polyethylene film. On top of everything Wrap scarf or towel, hold at least 10-15 minutes. Then gently pat his neck cloth.

3. You can use a special firming cream for the neck. This cream can be purchased at the pharmacy, it must be applied to the skin in the neck and chin to soak. After an hour, remove the excess cream, use of a cotton ball.

Before you put all of the above mask on the neck skin must be cleaned, then put a mask and lie down to rest, relax. To the effect of the mask was more prominent, the chin should be kept slightly raised.

Proper care for neck massage, mask, gymnastics

Prophylactic exercises for the beauty of your neck

1. Alternately, tilt your head at first forward, then backward. Do not forget that any physical activity is beneficial to the beauty of your neck and the figure as a whole. Join a fitness club in Lyubertsy and maintain your beauty!

2. Place your hands on the back of your head, zaprokinte it back a little while holding her in his arms again and lift up.

3. somknite fingers, fixing them in the lock, lock lock on the chin, throws his head back and go back.

4. Alternately throws your head back while tilting it over one shoulder, then return your head back, after the same thing on the other shoulder.

It is recommended that all these exercises at least 2-3 times a week, do them regularly, not showering. But do not go too far also. Many do not mean well. Massage and exercises, useful and nutritious mask for the skin of the neck, the right exercises, it is best to combine and apply immediately all 3 ways. If you start to care for your neck at an early age, you can prevent already irreversible effects of aging.