Accessories a lady

Accessories a lady

Today we'll talk about those accessories, which must be in the wardrobe of every woman. If you consider yourself a sophisticated kind of good taste, this article is for you!

Fashionable scarf - must-have accessory in the wardrobe

The scarf is a versatile and fashionable accessory. Fashion wearing beautiful scarves there for centuries. The scarf has a wide variety of forms and performs various functions.

Accessories a lady

, for example, a very thin silk scarf over a long period of time, is a kind of symbol of chic and sophisticated femininity and elegance. Warmer option - wool scarf can easily warm you in bad weather.

Materials for the manufacture of scarves can be very diverse, and it is a luxury silk, delicate cashmere, beautiful and elegant georgette, soft to the touch and comfortable to wear pashmina and luxurious velvet.

Going to a ceremony usually wear a scarf, a little carelessly tied around the neck, as well as beautiful original fixed node on the shoulders. The image of gorgeous woman gorgeous complete well-chosen scarf, who stabbed a beautiful brooch.

The stylish sunglasses

This beautiful accessory is not only a must for a lady to create a stylish and complete the image, but also serves as a subject, helps to protect from the sun on a clear day. When choosing sunglasses, look not so much on the current fashion trends, but rather on their shape and quality.

Accessories a lady

Sunglasses to decorate your face, but not to make it funny. Some women in the pursuit of fashion, just forget about this rule and look ultra fashionable models ridiculous.

But there are points that have already become timeless classics, the shape of which is suitable for almost everyone, because their manufacturer seeks first and foremost to the quality rather than blind adherence to the rapidly changing trends.

If you do not want to miscalculate with the choice, I advise you to buy the classics, because the manufacturer of these points has proven itself in fashion circles and has become a favorite among connoisseurs of true style.

Accessories a lady

Expensive and elegant leather handbag

Leather bag - this is exactly the sort of accessory that is never worth saving. Better you will have only one bag made of genuine leather - but it will be high-quality and therefore able to give your image of an expensive and luxurious look. Choose a bag with more passion, pay attention to the quality of the lines outside and inside lining. Also check on the authenticity of the accessories, from high-quality, branded bags it's heavy, homogeneous structure, smooth, no jagged and prominent seams.

Accessories a lady

This bag is a real investment in your wardrobe, because the high-quality accessory will serve you for many years and did not go out of fashion, and some instances in time and does become even more popular. On this basis, choose a bag that forms and colors that are timeless and always fashionable.