Where to begin to restore health?

Where to begin to restore health?

Be sure to have to do physical exercise. Most good ones that develop and strengthen the muscles of the back, waist, chest, abdomen, stretching the spine, muscles of the arms and legs.

To begin the exercise must be careful with the simplest, gradually moving to more complex, taking into account their physical abilities. Benefits will only be at a systematic and incremental loads. It is important to learn proper breathing and doing exercises in a ventilated area.

Water Treatments -

without them nowhere. Should start with wiping with a wet towel, then pouring warm water, gradually bringing it to a cold, well do contrast baths. You may feel the urge to wipe the snow, do not worry - you will experience a delight! By the way, I am without beginning of hardening sponge oneself down with snow, somehow suddenly there was such a need. But I do not recommend - the health status of all different.

Where to begin to restore health?

In the winter, it is desirable to ski in the summer to make trips into the mountains, in the forest, swim in open water, in general, if possible, to lead an active lifestyle.

It is very important positive emotions.

Ctaraytes once again not in contact with people who are making a negative in your life: people do not convert, and change the attitude towards them, despite various psycho sometimes fails. Try to surround yourself with "light" pleasant, "seeking" people, like-minded people, those from whom you can learn a charge of vivacity and gain new knowledge.


read, find activities that you like; Meet new people, perhaps they will bring something new, be friendly, believing in a miracle and love, love - is power, everyone knows about it.

Feel the joy, even though at first she will call you consciously; the link between positive emotions and health is the most direct - keep this in mind if you want to be healthy.

The importance of a food:

it is necessary to use more fruits and vegetables in their raw form. Try: eliminate, at least for a time, salt and sugar, divided food, diurnal fasting, cleansing the body. Experiment and you will find that it will help you regain health.

The ability to relax

If you work hard and do not have time to quality rest, it can be bad for your body. Learn to literally "rip" on the weekend and relax so that was something to remember. You can play games of chance at http://777joycasino.com/igrat-besplatno/ site for free. At the same time, you get on so vivid emotions, which can not be bought for the money.

Understand what you are personally responsible for your life, and how to you it will live, it depends on you.

The choice is yours ...