How to distinguish a fake from the original brand

How to distinguish a fake from the original brand

Everyone wants to wear the branded clothing - not everyone can shell out at the company store.

Many of us are attracted to products sold online at a price lower than stated by the manufacturer. Often bought as a fake, as they say - a fake.

The trouble is not that the thing is made in China. Counterfeiting has all the labels and logos of the original, but the quality -Low. In order not to be disappointed, it is necessary to know a few rules.

First, on what to look out for - the price. It is necessary to be clear about the scope of the cost of brand-name goods. Even modest by alexander mcqueen scarf costs at least $ 500. If you find the same 200 - most likely before you fake.

The second rule: buy in stores, with the right to sell products of this brand. Even better, the store receives products without intermediaries, although it is not easy to figure out. Seasoned shopaholic recommend to study the quality of the material. Branded clothing is not made from low-quality raw materials. Consider seams and processing sections. All this should be done at the highest level, both in brand jeans iceberg. Bumps and knots are considered marriage and do not reach the buyer, withdrawing at the manufacturing stage.

The brand can be protected

How to distinguish a fake from the original brand

It is necessary to know that the major manufacturers invent all sorts of means of protection against counterfeiting. For example, brand-name products can have some kind of special tag, watermark, unusual place in a specific location. Before you choose, ask in the public domain as reserved goods you are interested in brands. Owning such information, you can be almost completely sure of the quality of purchase.