Wonderful properties of natural silk fabrics

Wonderful properties of natural silk fabrics

Have you ever wore clothes made of natural silk? If yes, then probably remember the effect it produces on the skin and

how gives a sense of lightness.

For many centuries it is known that if in the wardrobe

person has silk clothes - it will always look good.

Silk is able to restore the irritated skin and

improve blood circulation, and also to give a sense of peace. Such clothing is not

It gives burn in the sun, so dermatologists are especially advised to wear it


Helps silk clothes and dermatitis, damaged skin

integument, causing itching and burning. It can be made from this fabric bandages

for arthritis and joint pain.

It is known that with the help of silk can look much more

younger than it actually is. After bath procedures better wipe

silk towels. They noticeably smooth wrinkles and

prevent the emergence of new ones.

Wonderful properties of natural silk fabrics


The effect of complementary cushions of silk.

Man falls asleep quickly as well as an indicator of comfort in this tissue very tall. These are simple tricks really help

preserve and prolong youth.

Wonderful properties of natural silk fabrics

Silk mistakenly called cloth suitable only for women. it

not this way. For example, in the East, many men wear silk clothes for

In order to increase the potency.

This garment is capable of causing sexual

Attraction! Earlier in the European countries even forbidden to wear her young


How to care for silk clothes?

Wash fabric such need in the soft warm water (not more than 30

degrees) and to use the powders for laundry

silk products.

Preferably in a large amount of water, such as in the bathroom. Do not use a washing machine. silk requires

gentle treatment, but instead gives much more ...

He can not cause allergic reactions and is suitable for all people.