Pick up clothes for tsvetotipu

Pick up clothes for tsvetotipu

Many girls and women choose clothes for her wardrobe, following fashion trends, or where "lay eyes". Thus, it is often found that the thing does not fit the color of the face, emphasizing his faults, or combined with other wardrobe items. These signs say only one thing - the thing is not compatible with your tsvetotip appearance.

Color type of appearance - a collection of shades of hair, skin and eyes. It is for these shades and determined tsvetotip. All these are four types: winter, spring, summer, autumn.

Winter color type

Pick up clothes for tsvetotipu

This tsvetotip differs special brightness. This is due to the contrast of bright color hair and skin. Leather women winter tsvetotipa usually white shades of porcelain, though there are also olive tone. Hair undoubtedly black or close thereto.

Mainly for the combination of colors of clothes for women cold (winter) type of appearance are considered red, navy blue, black.

Red can be combined with the saturated green and blue, black, silver, white, light beige and chocolate colors.

Dark blue perfectly with the silver, yellow, pale pink, chocolate, light green, white and red colors.

Pick up clothes for tsvetotipu

Black can be combined with white, all shades of red, gray, pink, pine, silver, yellow, bright green, indigo and dark chocolate.

Spring type color

Pick up clothes for tsvetotipu

Spring type color distinguish thin skin with a light pink blush, warm shades of hair (golden, light brown, wheat), light eye colors (green, blue or light caramel). There is also such a bad stick tsvetotipa women tan their skin reddens much sun exposure. The online clothing store at http://clasno.com.ua/ you can choose for any tsvetotipa not only cool outfits, but also comfortable, stylish shoes that complement your image.

warm pastel shades suitable for a spring tsvetotipa: preferably pale green, yellow (from bright yellow to mustard), shades peach, cream, gray-blue.

Pick up clothes for tsvetotipu

Do not fit this tsvetotipu dark colors as black and white. As an exception to suit light colors of blue, plum and chocolate colors.

Summer color type

Pick up clothes for tsvetotipu

Summer tsvetotip distinguish light skin color, all shades of blond hair (possible ashen) and eyes in different colors with a touch of gray. For women with tsvetotip easily stick tan.

The main colors in the wardrobe should be muted shades of blue, blue, gray, cherry, pine, pink and purple colors.

Blue color goes well with pale pink, gray, chocolate, blue, vanilla, plum.

Gamma pink, lilac and gray blends well with lavender, chocolate, vanilla and blue, pale yellow, pale emerald.

Pick up clothes for tsvetotipu

Not suitable for women of tsvetotipa bright and flashy colors.

Autumn color type

Pick up clothes for tsvetotipu

Women Autumn color type is characterized by the hair of gold, red, reddish hues, glowing skin with a blush. Eyes muted warm colors (light caramel, walnut, muted green). Tan women of this type is perceived badly.

This tsvetotipu fit all warm, "autumn" colors. Apricot, brick, mustard, khaki, gold, marsh, orange, crimson red, brown, natural blue - it's not all the colors that convey a variety of shades of autumn.

Khaki color blends well with cream, plum, gold, peach, blue-gray, dark brick, poppy, chocolate flowers.

Dark brick color combined with pine, red, yellow, blackberry, blue, orange, creamy flowers.

Bluish color is easy to combine with a brick, terracotta, peach, blackberry, cream, chocolate, plum and khaki colors.

Knowing your tsvetotip can understand what colors and shades of clothing can emphasize strengths and hide possible drawbacks of your skin. Also, given that all the hues and colors within the same color type are combined with each other in advance, do not need to wrestle with the selection of the color of things.