Flawless makeup smokey eye

Flawless makeup smokey eye

The season red carpets replete with beautiful ladies with perfect makeup and stylish respective hairstyles in chic dresses, with beautiful jewelry and accessories, fine workmanship with elaborate beadwork patterns.

If you want to touch the magic red carpet and bring glamor to your life, then our today's article will help you with this, because we are going to discuss flawless makeup smokey eye.

Few things look more glamorous and beautiful than the classic makeup smokey eye, which is ideal to make our lives a little bit of luxury. Creating a languid smoky look possible and at home, with our simple successive steps everyone can easily achieve this wonderful effect. But before you begin, make sure your face flawless skin.

Follow our steps to achieve the desired effect:

1) First, make sure you have a brush for applying eye shadow, and at least one brush for blending colors, since they are essential tools for the creation of a perfect smokey eye. 2) Begin with applying the lightest shade under the eyebrows.

3) Then take the matte brown shade and using a large brush blend it just below the point where you started to apply a lighter tone, making a smooth transition.

4) To pitch, choose the color of your choice, it could be shimmering and matte shadow.

5) Use a small pencil outline to add matt dark shadows for a century, follow the natural contour of the eye.

6) Small tapered brush blend once more color transition, to avoid sharp lines.

7) To create a final effect, take a small brush and the dark shadows and draw a smooth line along the lower lash line, followed by transfer to an external corner.

8) Apply lengthening mascara, false eyelashes and maybe add a black eyeliner on the waterline, which will give the depth of view.

The rest of your face suggested to leave a simple, easy and clean, light pink blush and natural lips all that is needed to complete a beautiful makeup.

Here are some examples!

Flawless makeup smokey eye Flawless makeup smokey eye Flawless makeup smokey eye Flawless makeup smokey eye Flawless makeup smokey eye Flawless makeup smokey eye