Business Makeover. Tips for Women

Business Makeover. Tips for Women

The modern girl is very important to correctly and competently be able to apply make-up business. Many makeup artists believe that the right make-up made for the business lady - both simple and discreet, but certainly elegant, which is very difficult to achieve.

Modern women who watch for fashion trends, of course, want to be attractive and stylish at any place and at work, and at play. However, many companies establish a strict dress code, which greatly limits the choice of the ladies in bright colors and makeup techniques. This problem can be solved, because the beauticians have developed recommendations, following which any woman will always look stunning and beautiful.

The main thing in the business makeup - is clean, well-groomed, and of course, velvety skin, is already quite full makeup. After all, the skin clean, even minimal makeup looks very attractive. That's why you need to pay special attention to choosing the right tonal masking agent. It is important that the color and shade of tone matched other visible parts of your body such as ears.

In that case, if your foundation is different from the skin tone even quite droplet of such funds should be discarded, because the main task of masking cosmetics - be as inconspicuous and cool refreshing the skin on the face. If you do not know how to do makeup for yourself, and you will be an important event, it is best to turn to professionals in the beauty salon. The site you can choose the best beauty salons, where you will make a beautiful makeup and hairstyle to complete the harmonious image of a business woman.

Business Makeover. Tips for Women

The skin of any woman is imperfect, periodically appears irritation and pimples, in which case you need to use concealer to hide them. The tone corrector should be slightly lighter than the main tone of the face. Some do not like to use liquid foundation, then you can try the powder.

However, remember that using crumbly means a person need hydration, especially if the powder with minerals. powder For oily skin fit well, because it also matts face. If you do decide to use tonal resources, you should choose a tone with a slight flickering effect, so the skin will look healthier. But with powder bronzers are not suitable for business makeup.

So, now, when your skin looks perfect, should go to the second, no less important stage of creating a business makeup. Shadows is better to choose natural, pale shades. The most versatile and practical, are considered soft beige shade, which are ideal for everything and look natural. Do not choose the shimmering pearlescent shade and a bright, active carbon black mascara. It is best to choose a gray or brown mascara and a pencil.

Best of all, if ink is to prolong the effect. Do not forget the eyebrows, because of their grooming and shape depends very much. Do not brow-strings, but simply plucked out of the general form of hairs. You can gently correct them with a pencil or shadow.

Business Makeover. Tips for Women

As lipstick, then in any case not suitable for business makeup red, maroon lipstick, moreover, are the color of old. Matte lipstick is also better not to use. Nordic blonde with hair color is good pink. Blonde and brunette with a golden skin tone well suited warm colors.

Do not forget the golden rule of a successful make-up - the focus should be only one. Do you want to highlight your eyes, emphasize their shadows, ink, pencil, but then use a light, neutral lipstick or lip gloss. Want to highlight the lips, then limit your mascara.