Communication services by "Meganet" company

Communication services by

To date, no large organization can not do without the Internet and phone, because communication with potential clients or partners is precisely because of these means of communication. Unlike most providers, "Meganet" the company is making the Internet more accessible for organizations. It is worth considering what more are the advantages of this provider.


The following can be identified:

  • A wide variety of tariff plans on the internet. You will be able to choose for themselves the optimal data transfer rate at an attractive price.
  • The company "Meganet" offers to purchase modern and reliable antivirus software on any number of jobs. You can rely on to protect their computers.
  • For all customers a special price on the subscription service when connecting communication networks (Internet and telephony).
  • The company "Meganet" makes it possible to connect the virtual PBX with the right choice of accommodation. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded so you can track the performance of their employees.
  • the possibility of renting and accommodation in your office server. The price includes training your employees.
  • The company "Meganet" offers hosting services with round the clock customer support. Experienced staff will answer all your questions and help solve problems.

The following list contains not all the benefits and services provided by digging "Meganet". For more information, you can learn on the official website of the organization