Healthy and beautiful skin - a reality

Healthy and beautiful skin - a reality

There are many methods that can be applied. But the simplest and most important condition for a healthy diet remains.

Your diet should consist of natural foods, because they will not contribute to the formation of a rash, deterioration of the general condition of the body and, of course, allergic reactions, which can occur invisibly to you, but affect the skin condition in the near future.

Before proceeding to the description of the products, which are particularly useful, we should mention the equally important conditions: clean water and green tea! A person who drinks sugary drinks with a dye, alcohol, abuse of coffee, as well as drinking water of questionable quality - nothing to hope for a good result.

Green tea has a lot of beneficial trace elements to the skin (antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents). Do not be surprised if you will look younger and healthier. The second advantage: the people who use green hour susceptible to skin cancer 30% less than those who leave it unattended.

Clean water is no less important for the comfort of your skin. Due to the saturation of the cells they are aging more slowly and are not exposed to dryness. So do not do body discounts, promising to drink clean water in the next month. Remember! Cells important water is foolish to postpone its beauty for later. Also do not forget about pleasant emotions, happy people, and look good. You can enjoy as a bouquet of flowers and pleasant gifts. You can not even take the time to buy a gift for myself and order flowers delivery to Tula, you bring from home or office.

Now consider a diet that promotes good skin condition.

If you are cooking something in a pan, use only olive oil! This is the best vegetable fat, which will saturate the skin glow. It contains vitamin A and many useful minerals. Do not think that will get better because of the oil.

(Note to those who are sitting on a strict diet and does not eat anything fried ... Buy cod liver oil capsules in any pharmacy Thanks to him, vegetation and any other non-nutritive food will be digested Otherwise you can not get the effect of my diet I mean, this, lasting effect).

For those who are not on a diet - do not forget the trout, salmon and bird eggs. They contain omega-3 oils.

Summer must eat different berries: blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, currants. You can make herbal teas from their stems and leaves, both for internal and for external use. They help the skin to a large number of antioxidants, and the general protection of the cells. Vegetables especially lean on the cabbage, carrots, spinach and broccoli. They purify and regenerate the skin. Even align complexion.

Also, do not forget to eat nuts, whole grains and cereals. Replace white bread made from wheat, corn bread, or bread with cereals and bran.

Remember that cosmetics can not help if you do not act on their part. Masks from these products without chemicals (village) can help even better. For example such, which include honey. A proper diet for a person should and does come first.

Do you know that some household products can help you to be beautiful and healthy?

For the first time a healthy homemade food you can buy online country products After all, every woman should understand that real beauty starts from within, that the correct power supply depends directly on the look ... Never treat negligent in the selection of products that will have and the effect will exceed all your expectations!