Laser hair removal. What are the advantages of this type of hair removal

Laser hair removal. What are the advantages of this type of hair removal

Today we will talk about laser hair removal, which involves a hair removal laser, what are the advantages of this method and possible contraindications.

To date - this is the most common type of hair removal, especially if the girl is not happy with shaving, wax therapy or plucking hair.

What are the advantages of this type of hair removal?

Today, laser treatment is carried out throughout the body, in which only the place will not want to get rid of the ladies hair experts always find a way to do this as quickly, efficiently and for a long time. Although the cost of laser hair removal is not small, but the result is worth it. You can go through the procedure of laser hair removal in the studio "Body Formula" in Kiev, there are excellent professionals work and carry out the procedure quickly and efficiently!

The main advantage of laser treatment is that the lasers operate on the principle of impact only on the coarse and dark hair, that is, on the skin, they do not affect and cause any damage can not. Another advantage of laser therapy - is the speed of the impact on the hairs.

Laser hair removal. What are the advantages of this type of hair removal

Each laser impulse takes a split second, but in that time it can remove many hairs. Another laser hair removal is a perfect result, more than 90% of patients say that the hair is completely disappear after 3-5 treatments.

Preparing for laser hair removal

The first thing to keep in mind - this is the length of hair immediately before the procedure. Hair should be shortened to a few millimeters above the skin. The laser is adjusted to your type and skin color, the color and texture of your hair. Before removing the skin applied special cooling gel, which contributes to deep penetration of the laser beam.

After the procedure is applied to the hair removal zone a special lotion, ice and anti-inflammatory cream - it helps to relieve the discomfort.

Can occur any complications after laser hair removal?

After a few days after surgery, the skin will look like after sunburn. Moisturizers and cold compresses can help easier to move during this period.

A month later the hair will fall out, at this time it is recommended to use sunscreen. This will help prevent the color change in the place of the treated skin.

It happens that on-site hair removal can form blisters, however, such a consequence is very rare. Also rare is swelling, redness and scarring. If you follow all the rules and recommendations of doctors and specialists, all the complications can be avoided and stay with perfectly smooth skin.