Big feet - no reason to be ashamed

Big feet - no reason to be ashamed

A large number of women completes due to a foot size. So it can happen due to improperly selected footwear. Do not forget that all of us are not universal, and need to be able to emphasize their strengths and hide weaknesses.

And it's not only the selection of shoes, but also a selection of clothes in general. After choosing the clothes, we are also guided by certain laws and regulations, and know how to best present themselves: some choose a deep cut to emphasize the breasts, the other wearing a mini and show off their slender legs. Every woman needs to know all the nuances of their body and be able to look as if she is a goddess flawless.

Big feet - no reason to be ashamed

Buy shoes - it's fun for any woman. This is our little weakness. Sitting comfortably on your sofa at home or working in the office, you can easily buy shoes for women online store. Online shoe store is a great way of modern shopping. Look at the range of this site, there is a wide choice and good quality shoes.

So how do you hide your big foot size? What will help us, and what should be avoided?

1. Heel

Heel can visually reduce the size and lengthen the legs. But beware of the hidden platform, she steals centimeters from the heel, so that you need. Low-heeled shoes will lengthen the leg even stronger, even if this is a shot of an elegant heel.

Big feet - no reason to be ashamed

2. Round nose - our friend, sharp nose - our enemy

This is an elementary rule that puts a ban on all your favorite classic feminine boat. Shoes boat models should be in every woman. Buying them, try to choose the most high heel and elegant design without burdening of applications and components. Your version of brevity and simplicity.

3. Shoes with open nose

This type of footwear perfectly suited to you. But in any case, your finger should not hang around! It would seem that the small shoes that visually increase the size of his feet.

4. The shoes with low-cut

Try to avoid this kind of models. When seen a place where one can see the toes, it seems that they are longer than it actually is

5. Ballerina Slipper, espadrilles ONS

All of these types of shoes are available to you, the main thing to remember the rules above - about the shape of the nose and the depth of the cut.

6. Lofer and brogues

Despite the fact that their nose is rounded, they always seem a little elongated. Therefore, only the shoes under the long, straight pants or flared trousers.

7. Platform

Too high platform looks massively better choose shoes or sandals with narrow wedges. This will add elegance. Uniform platform and model Heel-less heels not suitable for a large size, you will increase from using them in his foot twice.

Big feet - no reason to be ashamed

8. Timberland

Any rough massive shoes to visually make bigger leg. Timberland heels do not fit anyone!

9. Sandals through the finger

The most important rule when choosing sandals for you - to at least half of your foot was closed. If the separating fingers thread starts at the ankle and is a fine line over the entire length of the foot, it will visually lengthen the leg. The more details, applications, braided sandals on, the better.

Never hesitate to call your size in the store. Your secret will only find a consultant that serves a large number of customers per day. He did not even pay any attention. Shoes should be comfortable and size. Take care of your feet!

Anna Karmalita