Perfect pants: how to choose and what to wear

Perfect pants: how to choose and what to wear

Women of all ages want to look attractive, so try to keep up with fashion and choose for themselves the style of clothing that makes them younger and elegant. And if earlier it was possible to see women only dress - different styles and different styles, it's a beautiful half clothed in trousers, and feels great in them.

Pants for obese women: how to find them on a non-standard shape

First began to wear trousers young girls as more than half of the female progressive society. Noticed that the pants - it is attractive and nice, the older generation, and behind them, and the pensioner, completely changed their purely feminine attire. But if a thin woman with a standard figure in the pants feel comfortable from the first time, the full of girls and women for some time, choose the "outfit" and wondered how to wear long trousers?

In order not to look ridiculous, full of women prefer to wear pants is not "tight", as is customary among young people, preferring jeans and a free cut, but not meaning that they should hang in the figure, like a sack. Just pants should fit each woman's figure, emphasizing her charms, and hide flaws. Women's pants large size should be:

  • to look beautiful;
  • take into account the features of the figure;
  • to create the image of a harmonious form

A few tips for the selection of pants for different seasons

Let's say you've picked myself pants for everyday wear, and now are facing a dilemma: to wear them to work, or for a walk in the celebrations.

To participate in the festivities will suit both white and black color attire. The only question is whether, in some time, the event will take place. Will not do you in winter, wearing a white cotton - cotton trousers in the New Year meeting, and in the summer you'll just look ridiculous and funny, dressed in black, and appeared to them on the beach.

Dark blue trousers of lightweight material, for example - silk, perfect for an evening stroll through the streets of the city, in the square, or in the park. Pants blue color of the thin, translucent fabric will be appropriate at the beach close to the cool of the evening.

Summer version - green - is something that can be put to the country, or gathering with friends on nature. And in the summer heat will be appropriate pants with flowers of a material in which you will feel comfortable and do not attach importance to the heat. Chinese silk for these products is the fact - it will bring the coolness, and not let the sultry sunlight bombard your body.

Trousers for women with different figures

A woman with a full or medium breasts, broad shoulders and narrow hips fit any model of trousers. On these figures look elegant styles with low waist, creating the impression of roundness in the area of ​​the priests. If you have a small figure with "sides", then you should choose pants with a high waist.

If your growth is above average, you can put on a broader model of pants. The main thing that they were not behind scribbled patch pockets, which gives the amount of the female figure.