Tips when choosing large size clothes

Tips when choosing large size clothes

Considering the glossy magazines, you might think that models are ideal forms. But this is not the case. Figure flaws helps them hide right kind large size clothes. Let us give you some advice on the selection of attire.


Dark colors visually reduce the volume. But you need not be limited to black dresses. You can choose dresses of various colors with dark details that hide figure flaws. Many well-known brands offer a variety of options such clothes.

Tips when choosing large size clothes


Vertical stripes and diagonal cells visually make you taller and slimmer.


All clothes large size must be chosen according to the length correctly. For example, the sleeve must be three quarter length.


You need to choose textured and well keep the shape of the fabric. Knitted clothing for larger women should be made of medium-density tissue.

Tips when choosing large size clothes


Hide completeness help semilying silhouette. Pants should have a style, advanced from the hip.


In his dress should be allocated its own advantages: the thin neck, large breasts or hair beauty.

If you follow these simple rules, you can not look worse Hollywood beauties.