10 tips for the proper selection of women's shoes

10 tips for the proper selection of women's shoes

Amazingly beautiful ladies legs should only walk in the shoes of the highest quality. But to choose the right shoes is not easy. If you'll follow our advice, you acquired your thing lasts for a long time.

1. At any lady should at least have 6 pairs of shoes.

2. When buying a new pair of shoes, you should choose a different heel heights than those shoes that you already have. If you always wear shoes with a heel of the same height, it can happen tendon atrophy legs.

3. It is necessary to make timely replacement naboek on shoes. Now you can carry shoes in any shop or contact the store where you purchase these shoes.

4. When buying shoes have to measure it with the toe, which you'll wear it, especially in winter shoes. 5. Where to buy? Most profitable to make purchases at online stores or women's shoes on seasonal sales.

6. Shoes should be measured not rush shoes evening. So how do you think that the shoes are too tight due to the fact that the evening swollen legs, but in fact they do not suit you in size. Walk in it, sit, feel it.

7. Going for shoes, we must clearly understand what you want to buy. No need to look for other shoes or sneakers.

8. When buying shoes, you have to go to the store in the clothes, which you'll wear this shoe.

9. It is necessary to buy high quality shoes. Shoes should be created from the skin, with smooth seams, the heel should not creak, wobble.

10. Do not buy shoes that are too tight in the upper part of the region, they do not spread.