Perfume with pheromones, what is it?

Perfume with pheromones, what is it?

perfume containing pheromones become in our time much more affordable. But not everyone will dare to test their effect on yourself, because that is not fully delve into or do not understand at all how they work.

What is the phenomenon of pheromones?

For the first time the mechanism of action of pheromones described biochemist Peter Karlson and Martin Lüscher entomologist. Pheromones - substances that are considered to be biologically active, that is having an effect in very small doses. They are distinguished by special animal or human bodies.

Due to the volatility of the good they penetrate into the nasal cavity, where the Jacobson's organ, is very sensitive to even odorless pheromones. Jacobson organ transmits a signal to the brain, which in turn instructs other organs in response. In its effects, the active pheromones are very diverse. Pheromones are strongly involved, there are also repellent, soothing some options, and some are to "mark" their territory, there are those who warn of the impending danger.

Employees of the American University of Utah discovered in human prostate, secreting sex pheromones. They are located in the armpits, in the nasolabial folds, in the scalp.

The main objective of perfume with pheromones - enhance the action of the natural sex pheromone that is attractive to the opposite sex.

First perfume with pheromones released in 1989 by the American company Erox Corp. They were called Realm. Now the choice of spirits is huge, they may have different smells, or may not have the smell at all.