Fashion casual dresses summer 2016

Fashion casual dresses summer 2016

A beautiful, typically chosen dress & # 128087; It makes it possible to look feminine, stylish and attractive. In the new 2016 summer season casual dresses are especially popular. What styles, colors and fabrics are trendy this summer, read on:

fashion styles everyday dress:

  1. Athletic cut: as in the past season, sporty remains at the peak of popularity. This style gives a sense of freedom, comfort and ease.
  2. Retro: If you love fashion 60s, this summer feel free to dress in the style of your favorite era. Main trend - it's round the wide sleeves.
  3. Dress-bag: oddly enough, but this style is not complete, but on the contrary slim figure. This cut is considered universal and suitable for most types of shapes, ideal for those who do not like to meet for a long time.
  4. -rubashka Dress: This style is suitable for women who like to always ironed restrained, simple, attractive. Strict cut buttoned collar small stands and a thin belt emphasize the dignity of the figure.
  5. Lingerie style: especially in hot weather as much as possible will open dress great salvation. This summer will be popular tunics and dresses in the finest straps that create the impression that clothes hanging in the air.
  6. Sundresses: for women who love this type of clothing, the upcoming summer makes it possible to bring out their full arsenal of sundresses.
  7. Style Boho: which year did not go to fashion shows with models of lightweight dresses boho style. These clothes do not restrict movement, look freely and give a special charm to his owner.
  8. Ethno-style: dress in ethnic style always hit their beauty and originality - an option for bold fashionistas.
Fashion casual dresses summer 2016

Fashion fabric of the season in 2016

In the new summer season will be popular Lightweight and natural fabrics, virtually transparent chiffon caused by tissue, both manual and mechanical means, denim, satin and light linen dress. Also popular mnogofakturnost, t. E. A combination of several kinds of tissues.

Fashion colors of summer 2016

When, as in the summer not to wear bright light dresses? And fashion favors bright colors: on the first place of the red color and its shades of red, coral, cherry. The second most popular in the new season will be a natural blue, then orange and yellow.

Fashion casual dresses summer 2016

Prints and decorative items

Floral print emphasizes femininity and natural beauty, so that year is still popular. Among the new products - a sophisticated prints: geometric shapes, animal prints, a combination of large and small cells.