Is it possible to negotiate with the times with the help of cosmetics?

Is it possible to negotiate with the times with the help of cosmetics?

Beauty and youth are given to man for a short time, while I want to look good at any age. Search rejuvenating agents started back in ancient times and continues to this day.

Positive experience has incorporated professional cosmetics for face - adapted for home use salon line. With the help of modern products of leading brands, you can keep the skin in optimum condition and look younger than his years. If meticulously follow the advice of cosmetologists, aestheticians and fulfill all points of care program regularly.

Anti-aging cosmetics

With age, the body begins to experience a shortage of vitamins, micro and macro elements, antioxidants, proteins. regeneration processes are slowed, reduced activity of fibroblasts, saturation falls estrogens. Appears dry, spoiled complexion and relief more clearly appear the wrinkles. To compensate for the ravages of time is designed to work anti-aging cosmetics. The quality of the result depends on the correct selection of tools based on the current condition of the skin, age, individual characteristics. At this stage, it is recommended to ask for help to the beautician. Just buy a set of cosmetics for a particular age group is not enough - he can not go corny.

Ingredients rejuvenation

It is no secret that professional line efficacy and safety. In developing the unique formula of youth well-known brands are investing serious finance, involving the work of physicians and scientists. From the mass cosmetics such drugs are different and the price and composition. They contain the right amount of a balanced composition of components that are really able to breathe a second youth to aging skin. The cheap lines expensive to manufacture substances can be detected only on the label, or inside, but in scanty quantities.

    We are talking about the following:

  • rehydration;
  • vitamins A, C, E, microelements;
  • peeling means;
  • elastostimulyatory;
  • vascular bioaktivatory;
  • Supplements warning photoaging;
  • phytoestrogens;
  • Muscle Stimulation / muscle relaxants.

These ingredients are able to penetrate deep into the structure of the skin, triggering mechanisms of rejuvenation. Using professional anti-age line has the effect of a stable and visually distinguishable. Significantly increases skin turgor. It becomes smooth, elastic, toned and elastic. Aligned relief and complexion.