Tips for choosing nail polish

Tips for choosing nail polish

beauty industry is growing rapidly, not allowing the ladies to have time to keep track of all the news, daily arriving on store shelves.

Do not become an exception and nails, requiring constant care. Choice is so big that it is easy to get confused. Consider the basic tips that should be followed in order not to get lost in this fairly difficult task.

So, to make the perfect manicure, materials needed polish. The most important of them are: basic and colored lacquers, as well as the base clamps, allowing to keep the color for a long period of time. Basecoat - foundation to get a strong and durable manicure output.

Now there is a sufficient number of its species, has all the necessary features, the most important of which are medical. Before you apply it on the surface you need to carefully study the composition, it is no secret that some types of nail polish can damage the surface.

Tips for choosing nail polish

When the base coat is secured, you must go on a colorful nail polish. He is placed on top of the base. As for the fixer, it is already on its name, you can understand the purpose of protecting the surface of the nail from the environment, as well as strengthening the existing finish. Do not neglect them, because the fixer will help your nails to look irresistible for several weeks.

Do not be amiss when the manicure is to use tool designed for fast curing lacquer. Derived therefrom can significantly accelerate the "drying". This will contribute to the fact that the time allotted for a manicure, will decrease by several times. It should be noted that this method is quite popular, and so it is used by many beauty salons.

As for tips on choosing a varnish, it is worth to give their preference to products supplied by well-known brands, because it is a priori quality. Of course, you can save considerably, however, in this case, there is a risk to spoil nails hazardous substances that some manufacturers add to their funds.

Another way to determine an excellent varnish is its price. It is clear that cheap paint, by definition, can not be sufficiently high quality, and therefore need to focus on this indicator.